Rust Terra Nova Ceramic Tile

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You may order samples online. Sample must be purchased and shipping charges apply. Please keep in mind sample tiles may vary in color from future orders due to the handmade process.

Terra Nova tiles are NOT frost resistant, they should not be used on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.

Our Terra Nova tile collection as its name implies “New Earth” is a new and improved line of handcrafted tile now available exclusively at Tierra y Fuego. It all began with changing and improving the basic composition of the clay, glaze, and firing, which are the basic elements of ceramic tile, and are traceable to their structure and composition.  The Terra Nova tile can be used in a wider range of uses, compared to Talavera tile, fulfilling technical needs for applications of greater stress, and at the same time satisfying the taste and aesthetic requirements of our customers.

Compared to our Traditional Talavera tiles the Terra Nova Tiles have greater hardness and mechanical strength, due in part to new mixtures of various raw materials that can be fired at higher temperatures. The proper mixture of raw materials is important because it provides the plasticity and rigidity needed for the tiles to be handled and moved without falling apart.  Another important improvement has been in the formulation of glazes. The glaze is the thin layer of glossy material on the body of the tile or (bisque), which provides aesthetic and technical properties, such as color, design, impermeability and hardness. Finally, firing of the tiles at higher temperatures produces a tile with stronger body, better resistance to stains and lower porosity.

Terra Nova Tiles are made using the Maiolica ceramic technique, by applying a tin-glaze layer on a terracotta tile, then the tile is decorated over the glazed surface with other color glazes, and lastly it is fired in a kiln until it reaches the desired finish.  The name Maiolica is thought to come from the medieval Italian word for Majorca, an island in the Mediterranean on the route followed by ships bringing Hispano-Moresque wares from Valencia to Italy. Moorish potters from Majorca are reputed to have worked in Sicily and it has been suggested that their wares reached the Italian mainland from Caltagirone, a town in the island of Sicily.

Tierra y Fuego exclusive Terra Nova tile collection delivers the stunning design and esthetic solutions of authentic, old-world handcrafted decorative tiles, and at the same time meets technical requirements for applications of greater stress. Order your samples today and experience for yourself the high quality and uniqueness of our Terra Nova Tiles.

Note:  All of our Talavera tile designs or any other designs may be custom made in a Terra Nova tile, which is made with finer raw materials and improved ceramic manufacturing techniques.

We have taken our handcrafted ceramic tile to a new level of quality and durability.  Our research and development team of designers and ceramists have given birth to this new collection of tile. This collection serves as an alternative choice to traditional talavera tiles offering more designs and colors as well as a higher standard of quality.

Terra Nova tiles are available in either an antique white or pure white background. You can request a design to be made on either background if the design is not stocked in the background you specify.

Although Tierra y Fuego maintains high standards of quality control lot variation in size and color may be present from shipment to shipment. There is no guarantee that tiles ordered as add-ons will match those from original orders. This is an intrinsic characteristic in all ceramic tiles, and particularly in handcrafted tiles.

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