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Customer Reviews

quoteWe ordered these tiles to use as a border around the new shower we are having installed. They look even better in person than they do in the picture. The colors are bright and vibrant and the glaze is crystal clear. Couldn't be happier with them. quote


~ John Mandeville

Mar 01, 2024


quoteI was assured on the phone that eight tiles would be delivered on a specific day. They did not arrive before I left the country. Now I have to arrange for them to be sent to me by very expensive means. I am disappointed and frustrated that the service was not as promised., delaying my project and causing needless hassle. quote


~ Alexander Dunn

Mar 01, 2024


quoteThe quality is superb on thes! each one is a precise 2x2 and a good 90° bend on it. I will have no problems setting these tiles at all and it is such a relief to find first quality tile. I was really concerned when shopping in Santa Fe that I would not be able to pull this project together because everything is so irregular. No problems at all with this supplier. The quality is perfection and my bathroom is going to be gorgeous. quote


~ Janeinsantafe

Feb 03, 2024


quoteWow, this is a gorgeous teal color. If you love turquoise you are going to love this.! It is an excellent match with the Ola border and isorella pattern. I had no problems with shipping to New Mexico. Everything was carefully packed and arrived in perfect condition. quote


~ Janeinsantafe

Feb 03, 2024


quoteThese are a softer teal, less intense than the Ola border. The color is spot on though and it's looking beautiful together . I was concerned at first with ordering tiles to be shipped to states away, but the packing was immaculate. the tiles were bubble wrappe, placed inside a box, which was placed inside a larger box that had packing material all around and everything arrived in perfect condition. quote


~ Janeinsantafe

Feb 03, 2024


quoteWe ordered two different tiles unsure of which I'd love more and went with the Torrance 2 Santa Barbara tile which is slightly raised and has more depth as a result. The colors are soothing, I think they hold up well over time. My husband installed with ease and we wake up to a beautiful single row framed above the fireplace, taking the simple/plain surrounding grey tile to an elevated, joyful place. quote


~ Patricia Schappler

Jan 17, 2024


quoteI used tile from another source for my bathroom and the knobs were a perfect match! Very well made, no flaws, color true. I looked in local shops for knobs and these were far superior! quote


~ June

Jan 17, 2024


quoteLove them! Authentic mission floor tiles for that southern cal look! I also used the Santa Barbara ceramic tiles for a Spanish Bungalow renovation that we are doing. Delivery was on time no problems I will order again. These are the most authentic and best made tiles have seen. quote


~ Stafford Lau

Jan 16, 2024


quoteThe quality of the product was as expected and fine. However, customer support to a few days to respond to an inquiry regarding the notch cutout and then provided me with inaccurate information on the size of the notch. Was told it was for a 2"x"2 tile insert and it's only 1"x1". quote


~ John B.

Jul 28, 2023


quoteMy order was packed in such a way that it would have been impossible for a tile to break during shipping. I very much appreciate the thoughtful packing. The tile arrived as promised. An excellent experience. These tiles looked amazing. quote


~ Val Clewley

Jun 14, 2023


quoteThese pulls were the PERFECT pop of color to finish off the kitchen in our 1930s Spanish Revival home in the desert! Handcrafted and fabulous quality. We ordered one day and they were delivered the next...what a pleasant surprise! quote


~ Deborah Reid

Jun 14, 2023


quoteI live about 2 hours north of the showroom. Before making the drive, I ordered samples from Tierra Y Fuego, a tile store in Texas, and one in Arizona. Tierra Y Fuego by far had the best quality terra cotta tile. I drove down to pick up about 65 square feet of material. The customer service was just as amazing as the products. Beautiful selection of Talavera tiles as well. Pricing, quality, and friendly sales reps. Totally worth the drive! quote


~ Stacie Dobine

May 31, 2023


quoteI have purchased items from Tierra y Fuego for a few years now, and I have never been disappointed. The products are good, and the service is every bit as good. Nice work. quote


~ James Stoker

May 31, 2023


quoteWe are delighted with the quality of this tile! We plan to order more and use this pattern as an accent in a newly retiled tub surround. The colors are vibrant and the painting is crisp and defined. So pretty!! quote


~ Elizabeth Stuart

May 25, 2023


quoteThe hardest part of this project was deciding WHICH tile to use as they are all so beautiful! But, ultimately, I chose Alva 4 for my project, and couldn't be happier with the end result. First of all, the tiles arrived very quickly and were packaged incredibly well; not a single tile arrived broken. And because of their handmade qualities, they were very easy to work with. I called the customer service line to get a recommendation for tile sealer and the call was handled quickly and professionally. I would recommend and order from this retailer again. Overall, I am very happy with my experience with Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ S. Higgins

Mar 11, 2023


quoteThese are attractive and sturdy. We needed to replace a few chipped knobs in our new/old adobe house, and although we couldn't match the prior set, these were similar and there were several alternatives that probably would have worked as well. Lots of nice choices! quote


~ Paul Cullivan

Mar 10, 2023


quoteThere is a large color variance between the image online vs. what was received. Whites are not as opaque as pictured. White glaze is extremely clear and the color of the tile below is very visible. quote


~ Nancy Quynh

Mar 09, 2023


quoteI have bought a number of tile pieces over the years and have always been quite satisfied. Your shipping speed is fantastic! quote


~ Daniel Abbot

Feb 10, 2023


quote In the past, we had purchased Tierra y Fuego tiles for Art Niches. This time, we needed something more subtle, and this tile was perfect. Very classic...this will be used as a solid border for a bath. The colors are lovely, ranging from gray, sky blue, cream and taupe. quote


~ L. Danielson

Feb 10, 2023


quote I searched so many other places for a tile that would match my restoration project . , I am so delighted to have found the tile here . Everything about this tile makes my project so much easier . The slight. variation in colour, the size and unglazed surface is absolutely perfect in the 1928 Spanish style home it is going in. quote


~ Joyce Krmpotich

Sep 08, 2022


quote I have purchased a variety of hand painted ceramic tiles from Tierra y Fuego for use in outdoor installations. From wall mosaics, fountains and flooring They are beautifully made with an array of colors and designs to choose from. quote


~ Geri Elfman Hawkeye landscape Design

Sep 08, 2022


quote Love the Talavera knobs in my guest bathroom and hope to buy more matching products in the future. My rental house has this this tile pattern on the exterior windows. The order was easy to make and delivered swiftly. The knows are high quality and a bit larger and more durable than the ones they replaced. quote


~ kate Robinson

Sep 08, 2022


quote These tiles are beautiful and were delivered with the upmost care. I wanted to order a few and will be picking one for my backsplash in the future. quote


~ Lisbeth Cheneyh

Jul 31, 2022


quote I bought these in cobalt blue and 'vanilla' white for a checkerboard-style bathroom floor that came out wonderfully. They are expensive, but high-quality products that I will be buying again soon for a couple other projects. quote


~ Eric Husher

Jun 09, 2022


quote This tile is a beautiful piece. It is unique and no two pieces are the same so please expect that! It is what makes this piece unique. quote


~ Jonap

Jun 09, 2022


quote These knobs look really really nice in our bathroom on our new vanity. They go perfectly with some other Talavera tiles we got to create a border in our shower. Very comfortable to Paul and the size is just right for drawers and cabinets. quote


~ Maggie Suisman

Jun 09, 2022


quote This was exactly what I needed to complete my project but it was very pricey. I have bought many tiles from them. They have excellent authentic products but you have to pay a big price. Still I love it. quote


~ Cynthia Garcia

Jun 08, 2022


quote After spending hours on the Tierra y Fuego website perusing the perfect tile combination for our wet bar and ordering samples of a number of tiles that we liked, we ordered just in time for our contractor to install. The tile combination is magical! We couldn't be more pleased. We are also thrilled with how quickly our order arrived. quote


~ Kathleen Ledesma

Jun 08, 2022


quote We ordered this tile for our bathroom as an accent tile in our shower. My order arrived in a timely manner. The tile was well packaged (didnt have a single broken one) and the quality was superb! We are very pleased with it! It is so beautiful. quote


~ H. Christensen

Jun 08, 2022


quote We used this tile as the backsplash behind the range in our kitchen. It is well made, cleans well, (it is sealed) and looks beautiful. The color is a bluish green gray. We used the platinum colored grout from Latacrete which matches perfectly. Be aware that the tile color will vary based on the batch it is made. You should check all tiles before leaving if this is an issue for you. We had tiles that didn't match exactly but made it work for our project. quote


~ Anna Chavez

Jun 08, 2022


quote Very glad to have purchased these tiles for our kitchen renovation, rather than something from a generic big box store. They have character :) quote


~ Ashley

Jun 08, 2022


quote I want to put in a special word for the "Damasco" tiles available through Tierra y Fuego. They are a finely detailed descendent of Spanish-Arab art. quote


~ Karen Guma

Jun 08, 2022



quote Beautiful Talevera tile selection. Shipped in a very timely fashion. Designed floor and vanity top in 1920's Spanish home. quote


~ Carl Goldstein

Jun 08, 2022


quote I bought light blue Terra Nova Mediterraneo with the 2 x 2 talavera tiles for a platform for my chimenea on the back patio. they are perfect. quote


~ JJ Loughran

Jun 08, 2022


quote I bought these with the Light Blue tiles for a platform for my chimenea on the back patio. they are perfect. quote


~ JJ Loughran

Jun 08, 2022


quote I found the beautiful talavera tiles that I needed to complete a project and received them quickly with excellent communication. quote


~ Michelle

Jan 17, 2022


quote This is the second ceramic wastebasket I have purchased from Tierra y Fuego and again, it does not disappoint! It arrived in perfect condition and was obviously carefully packaged. This wastebasket, like the other is beautifully and artistically crafted and decorated. I cannot say enough about it. Who knew a wastebasket could be such an attractive accessory in a room? quote


~ Michelle Caliento

Dec 16, 2021


quote I put on my kitchen wall above the stove. I got a lot of compliments. quote


~ Minda Diaz

Dec 15, 2021


quote Modern and handcrafted all in one. I adore this tile with all its little imperfections that make it perfect! The company was so easy to work with, fast response time and beautiful products at a great price. quote


~ Tara Flory

May 20, 2021


quote Talavera can be unpredictable; different shades, sizes, quality. These are exceptional - a consistent and deep, rich color, accurately sized, and with just a touch of the variation that's key to looking hand made rather than factory mass produced. My order arrived fast and not a single tile broken. quote


~ Ruthbeth Finerman

May 19, 2021


quote This tile is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It's the centerpiece of our kitchen, individually painted, each piece is a little different, and it's easy to clean. Also, we live in Hawaii and shipping is often a problem, especially with covid-related delays. We were charged an extra shipping fee to ship here (which is pretty standard - we're used to it), but our order came in 2 days! That's faster than amazon, and it really helped to move our construction project along. We highly recommend the product and the service from Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ Martina Bingham

May 19, 2021


quote We love the tiles from this company. We bought a wide variety from them and they are all exceptional. quote


~ Kevin Bernard

May 18, 2021


quote I used the Talavera tile as a backsplash above my stove and it looks marvelous. quote


~ Pamela Flanders

Apr 15, 2021


quote Great Tiles! not a single broken tile or chip from shipping! quote


~ Don Dean

Apr 14, 2021


quote Several weeks ago I ordered some Talavera tiles, I absolutely LOVE them!

Our project was to do a single row kitchen counter backsplash. I ordered 2-3 count of about30 different tiles and due to Covid expexted some to be backordered and the order take longer to fullfill. The day I ordered , I placed the order at 1 pm and was STUNNED for learn it was shipped out at 4 pm that same day!

I was beyond pleased with the total experience. Your website is excellent, very clear and well organized. Your selection is huge. Your order sheet and invoice is easy to check for accuracy. I liked how theres a picture of each tile on the order line.

Your service is beyond promt! Well packaged. My order travelled cross country to Maurie without a single tile damage. I give you 5 stars in every category, presentation, product quality and service. Thank You. quote


~ Rosey Guest from Jefferson, ME

Apr 13, 2021


quote Over the course of the last few months, I have placed several orders with this company (mainly because I can’t make up my mind)! But every order has been incredibly well packaged and haven’t had a single thing come damaged. Additionally, all orders have been incredibly speedy. I love so much of what I have ordered and am using some in a sunroom, some to face the face of stairs and am not trying to decide on backsplash. Everything has been beautiful and they are incredibly reliable and would absolutely recommend! Hopefully I will have picture to share before too long. quote


~ Ellen Smith

Apr 13, 2021


quote Yes, my gratitude for your help and my mosaic supplies are priceless. Thank you for allowing us into the store with table for layout and picking into the bins..We also found an incredible rusted frame that become the frame for my wall piece. I will send you picks.

When I came home I was able to tile a workbench we built for assembly. quote


~ Linda Knight from Palm Desert CA

Apr 5, 2021


quote The Nopal 2 tile, like so many of the other designs that Tierra y Fuego carries, is a beautiful example of fine, handmade, traditional craftsmanship. I’m always looking for an excuse to use Talavera tile in my home, inside and out. Working with Tierra y Fuego over the years has been a real pleasure. quote


~ Tbenge

Mar 26, 2021


quote I ordered this tile as a sample, to color-match the mosaic tile will be installing in my kitchen. It matches perfectly, so I will be ordering more as soon as I complete the layout and calculate the number required. quote


~ Susan Anderson

Mar 23, 2021


quote I love your products and have ordered many small items over the years. You used to offer a bigger selection. I was very happy to find lovely drawer knobs which were packed carefully and arrived quickly. I had not received a confirming email - I called and a very nice woman told me to check my spam folder - and there it was! I appreciate the beauty and quality of your products and service. The 2 drawer knobs look so nice, I ordered 2 more. I get many compliments on the switch plates and drawer knobs because they are very unusual in Pennsylvania. I have looked at other web sites which offer Mexican tiles and decor items - I always find you have the best designs and the quality is excellent. The switch plates and pulls are well made and heavy duty as well as easy to install. quote


~ Kathryn Patterson from Harrisburg PA

Mar 06, 2021


quote I have been looking for a rich yellow tile to use as a kitchen backsplash border. This 3"x3" tile is perfect. I love it. And Tierra y Fuego.com was the ONLY place that has what I wanted. quote


~ Vicki Getz

Feb 19, 2021


quote Having ordered years ago, I was surprised and pleased the quality of these tiles has greatly improved! Easy to cut, without a lot of chipping, and the overall glaze is smoother and more consistent than in the past. Most of all, I loved the easy returns of samples and unused pieces! Thanks Tierra y Fuego! I'll be back! quote


~ Joyce Gibbs

Feb 19, 2021


quote Installed this mural tile in my backyard on a decorative screen wall area. Love the finished product. 4 Months ago I tiled my new swimming pool with matching Tierra y Fuego tile. These tiles are the highest quality and the perfect fit for a period correct Spanish Revival look. quote


~ Jon Greenfield

Feb 18, 2021


quote More tiles and more tile work. The more we tile our home the more we love it. My tiles come quickly and are professionally packed and presented. At one point I had a problem with a broken tile and it was corrected for me immediately. I give a 5* review for quality and service. Have to go ! I have a lot of tile work to do. quote


~ Karen Gruba

Feb 15, 2021


quote I always find the piece I need here, more than anywhere else! The delivery is swift, and the help is generous! And the quality and service are excellent! My only negative, which was often negated! Making it positive, is the re-stocking fee. It is an insult to a devoted and repeat client. quote


~ Claire Cummings

Feb 15, 2021


quote The tiles arrived very quickly and they were packaged very nicely. I felt they were a bargain for the price and quality and I am very happy. quote


~ Robyn Waxman

Feb 15, 2021


quote My tile was shipped to Colorado, and everything arrived quickly and safely. No damaged tile. And it's a good thing because I would hate to waste any of this beautiful product. I love the tiles and hope to purchase more in the future. Thank you! quote


~ Robert Roulette

Feb 15, 2021


quote I love the Mexican ceramic wastebasket, and a huge selection, I was able to get exactly what matched my bathroom. Perfect instead of a basket if one is avoiding a dust allergy! quote


~ New Yorker

Jan 26, 2021


quote Tile is beautiful. We put felt pads on the back and are using it as a trivet. quote


~ MM

Jan 26, 2021


quote Just a note. I wanted to tell you why I will continue to do business with you and why I intend to spread the word about you guys. Received tiles today and I must say 1) packing was absolutely incredible--it could drop from the Empire State Bldg. and not one tile would break, and 2) tiles are very high quality!!!! THANKS! quote


~ Philip Boucher

Dec 30, 2020


quote These chair rail pieces arrived well packed and ahead of schedule. Combined with the matching corners, they will make a perfect frame for accent tiles in a backsplash. quote


~ Kerry Caldwell

Dec 29, 2020


quote These really made my kitchen! And they pair well with a Tunisian mural I had. quote


~ Deborah Archer

Dec 29, 2020


quote Happy with the service and the quality seems good. Color & design are just as the image on website. quote


~ Masum

Dec 28, 2020


quote Was perfect for the application I needed and the customer service was great, they gave me a call to make sure it was a good fit for what I was going to use it for - thank you! quote


~ Gregory Defabio

Dec 28, 2020


quote Works great and no mess! Reasonable price and quality product! quote


~ Rene Gonzales

Dec 22, 2020


quote I ordered an assortment of Mexican tiles for a wall I had wanted to decorate. These tiles were better then I could imagine! They were lovely, very well made and sturdy. The floral design was perfect for the wall I wanted to decorate. The cost was well within my budget and I couldn't be happier with the timeliness of delivery. The tiles were well packaged and delivered in a timely fashion! I will definitely ordering more once I determine what next tobtile in my home! Excellent service, timely delivery and superb quality! quote


~ Rene Gonzales

Dec 22, 2020


quote I loved the selection of broken tiles. The pieces were large and just fine for my mosaics. Shipment was quick and accurate. Website easy to use, even for a computer-unsavvy 75 year-old. quote


~ Gaye Goodman

Dec 16, 2020


quote Beautiful antique copper color. And they are made very well in a heavy copper. The fit is perfect. quote


~ Teresa

Dec 2, 2020


quote I've always wanted a ceramic garlic string, but the ones I saw were always too big, bulky, fake-looking. These little gems are delightful. They will go with the other two purchases from this wonderful company to adorn my kitchen window. Thanks for such lovely merchandise. quote


~ Debra Milligan

Nov 30, 2020


quote I bought these ceramic peppers to replace a string of one purchased long ago -- that broke during moving into a new house. These are SOOOOO superior. Life-life, gorgeous color. phenomenal price. Can't wait to hang them by my kitchen window! quote


~ Debra Milligan

Nov 30, 2020


quote Beautiful sink, shipped to Alaska intact - a little expensive to ship, but it showed up in perfect condition and is now a beautiful new sink in our bathroom. quote


~ Jimmy Tohill

Nov 23, 2020


quote How is the planter fastened to a wall? quote


~ Anonymous

Nov 16, 2020


quote Tile is absolutely beautiful - exactly as shown on the internet photos. This tile was used for a kitchen backsplash - was easy to install and looks great. We've placed 3 orders with Tierra Y Fuego over the last few years and LOVE this business. They actually answer the phone when you call, promptly ship out orders, and are true to their word. Received NO cracked our damaged tiles in our orders - very good packaging. quote


~ L.  Baudouin from Mesa AZ

Oct 23, 2020


quote Quality tile but description should include more accurate measurements:
Length/Width is 1.25" x 6.75" Height/depth of tile is 1" (very thick tile.) Color is more a "cream" than "white." Hope that helps people. Online help is A+ otherwise. quote


~ Jonathan S. from Fairfield CT

Oct 22, 2020


quote The tiles I ordered were beautiful and packed extremely well There was a question on my order and the company called me quickly and my tiles arrived ahead of date promised!! Thank you! quote


~ Pam Sime from Lubbock TX

Sep 24, 2020


quote These were delivered within a week of my order and were very well packaged. No damage was noted when box was opened. These are very high quality and I love them. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to use to store wine bottles. quote


~ Ted Sirotta from Valencia CA

Sep 24, 2020


quote I love the beautiful tiles. We will be installing them soon. Ordering is very easy. Delivery is fast. The tiles arrive in 1 piece. Terrific job. Thanks. quote


~ Sally S. from Mandeville LA

Sep 14, 2020


quote These house number tile were perfect for our house, easy to install in a frame and look great, colors complement our siding and trim. Recommend to anyone who is looking for tile house numbers. quote


~ Patricia A. from Abilene TX

Sep 14, 2020


quote It is a lot sturdier than I expected, and a goes so well with the Ibiza 2 Dolcer. quote


~ Gary H. from El Cajon CA

Sep 10, 2020


quote I used this will the border tile Napa 1 Santa Barbara. Up close I saw charcoal for the grey area, but once installed, WOW, the charcoal is actually a grayish green. It looks so elegant. quote


~ Gary H. from El Cajon CA

Sep 9, 2020


quote Love the birds. They will be part of a mural on brick fence. quote


~ Marie F.

Sep 8, 2020


quote I ordered a small number of tiles for a specific project. The tiles are nicely made, perfectly sized and arrived in pristine condition. Very impressive packaging for a cross-country trip. I will order again. quote


~ Patricia A.

Aug 25, 2020


quote I just wanted to send some pictures of the bathroom that we remodeled with your beautiful Talavera Tile and say thank you for a great experience. The website made it easy to estimate tile needed and the installation tips helped even us newbies to lay it correctly. This was my first time laying tile! Shipping was super fast and each tile was perfect. Please thank whoever does the packaging- they do a fantastic job! I love my new bathroom so much and will highly recommend mexicantiles.com. quote


~ Sarah

Aug 18, 2020


quote Tierra y Fuego always has the best high-relief tiles, this one was a beauty. quote


~ Peter C.

Aug 17, 2020


quote Last weekend, in a rush to place this order before I left for vacation, I inadvertently ordered twice on your website and paid twice for a set of 25 tiles. I frantically emailed you about my mistake and how to fix it. Then I left, not knowing what you could do. I got home yesterday. The tiles were here and I had been notified that PayPal refunded me for the extra order. You kept the payment made on my Capitol One Visa. That’s perfect! Thank you so much for your good service! I have the greatest respect for your business. I appreciate your patience with and your taking care of me. And thank you for the tiles! They are exactly as they looked on your website, only more beautiful! Such a great design and vivid colors! I am a happy, satisfied customer. quote


~ Becky S. from Fairview, NC

Aug 8, 2020


quote Even brighter in person love this tile. quote


~ A.

Jul 16, 2020


quote These tiles are just what I was hoping for and have proven to be perfect for a beginning mosaic craftsman like me. I will order more. quote


~ Carolk

Jul 14, 2020


quote I have been looking for quite a while for this planter. When it arrived, it did not disappoint. It is as beautiful as I had imagined. From the time I ordered till it arrived, it was less than a week. I highly recommend ordering from Tierra y Fuego again. I know I will. quote


~ Flavia D. from Cocoa, FL

Jul 12, 2020


quote I loved the first set so much, I had to order more. They are shipped quickly and very carefully packaged, not one chip or crack! quote


~ Caroline T. from Port Coquitlam, CA

Jun 26, 2020


quote The designs are exactly what I was looking for. They were packaged and delivered with such care! Can't wait to finish my project. quote


~ Caroline T. from Port Coquitlam, CA

Jun 26, 2020


quote This is a very well made, beautiful piece of tile. The shape is smooth and well made. There is not a hint of a warp or any imperfection. Color is even and very clear. quote


~ Nora Q. from Claremont CA

Jun 24, 2020


quote This is a beautifully made tile with very deep, clear color. It has a beautiful gloss. quote


~ Nora Q. from Claremont CA

Jun 24, 2020


quote These knobs go perfectly with the tiles I had purchased in Mexico.... so lucky to find them! Packing was thoughtful & prompt. They are slightly bigger than normal size knobs, but fit comfortably in the hand, more so then the original ones I had on. quote


~ Catherine H. from Brooks AB CA

Jun 19, 2020


quote This tile gets 5 stars from me. I purchased about 17 square feet of it for my kitchen backsplash. It arrived quickly, very well packaged. The tiles are just as pretty as the pictures. There are a few that possibly didn't get cut evenly, but once they are installed you don't notice it. Very happy with this product! quote


~ Ashlee U. from Windsor Heights IA

Jun 17, 2020


quote I have been looking for multi colored tile i can use in my mosaic art and found this website on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. I was so pleased with the tile and how fast I received them I really liked that the shipping cost was very reasonable as well. Will be getting more soon. quote


~ Kim H. from Apache Junction AZ

Jun 14, 2020


quote All of your tiles are beautiful. I have done business with Tierra y Fuego several times in the past years. Their deals are exceptional, the packaging well done, and deliveries as promised. Actually I didn't expect for this last order to come so quickly, so nice job. Thank you. quote


~ C. Chizen from El Paso TX

Jun 13, 2020


quote Bathroom now complete with 2 Talavera tiles on wall and 2 soap dishes. Nice pattern and color. Strange: It should have an unglazed surface where the cover and dish meet, so they would not slip off. quote


~ Linda S. from Middletown NE

Jun 10, 2020


quote Most beautiful of any of the soap dishes. So what if it doesn't match the bathroom. Strange: It should have an unglazed surface where the cover and dish meet, so they would not slip off. quote


~ Linda S. from Middletown NE

Jun 10, 2020


quote The most gorgeous Talavera tile I have. It just radiates beauty. I chose it because I got the matching soap dish. quote


~ Linda S. from Middletown NE

Jun 10, 2020


quote Beautiful pots. Well made. Matches our home colors beautifully. The glaze on the pots is beautiful and I anticipate many years of use. quote


~ S. Cemore from LA

Jun 8, 2020


quote Wonderful! quote


~ JDStoker from Students CA

Jun 6, 2020


quote I wasn’t sure what to expect, buying broken tile. However I was very happy with what I received. Good sized pieces, lots of great patterns and colors! Highly recommend for crafting. Thanks! quote


~ K. Hall from GE

Jun 2, 2020


quote I needed a wastebasket for my bathroom and since I have ceramic for all of my bathroom accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, shampoo and conditioner dispensers) I wanted a ceramic wastebasket as well. The colors of the Guadalajara were a great match for what I already had. All four sides have the flower image on it. It was very well packed, arrived as scheduled and looks even nicer than the pictures online. quote


~ Simone P. from New York City NY

Jun 1, 2020


quote Thank you very much for such a FAST delivery! I will order again.  Also EXCELLENT packaging! The tiles looks great.  Thanks. quote


~ Arthur M. from Riverside CA

May 28, 2020


quote T y F's tile quality is exceptional. My tile guys were impressed with the quality and I was very happy with how well the office handled returns. My kitchen is unique. Spectacular tile. quote


~ Karin C. from Ft. Worth SE

May 27 2020


quote Very pretty tile, however, I thought it would look "glassier". quote


~ Karol

May 26 2020


quote Used these as our scuppers as the copper plumbing pipes that you would normally use were nowhere near as nice as these. We are also having our concrete/masonry contractor cutting them into arches (4 lengthwise cuts) and doing decorative masonry work for the tops of our exterior walls/guard rails to roof deck. Mason worker says they are great quality and easy to cut. quote


~ Christina from Sarasota FL

May 26 2020


quote These are beautiful, I love these so much! quote


~ Oceana from San Diego CA

May 24 2020


quote The tile was delivered quickly and packaged nicely not one tile was damaged during shipping. The tile is beautiful and consistent pattern. Top notch product. Thank you to the staff at Tierra y Fuego! quote


~ Ann K. from Laguna Niguel CA

May 23, 2020


quote We are working the tile into a yard project. The pattern was even more beautiful in person. We are very excited to complete the project. quote


~ Maria S. from Goodyear AZ

May 22, 2020


quote Beautiful colors! The tile actually arrived 2 days after order. Very well packed - NO breakage. Excellent!! quote


~ Marjorie from Sacramento CA

May 22, 2020


quote The tiles are exquisite and they were shipped so quickly. The customer service is to die for. Definitely no need to look any further if you're in need of quality at an awesome price. I'm using these pieces to decorate a desk we are refinishing. quote


~ Takara H. from Harvey LO

May 22, 2020


quote All the tiles were beautiful, well packed and quickly shipped. quote


~ Monica K. from Salt Lake City UT

May 17, 2020


quote These are quality products at great pricing! I will continue to purchase product here to meet my needs. quote


~ Catherine L. from San Diego CA

May 8, 2020


quote I purchased broken Talavera and broken solid color Mexican tiles to fill in a threshold between two existing sections of pavement. I pieced together a draft of the tile work and then handed over the installation to a pro. I used a pro because of the tricky angles of the pavement. I wanted to make sure the tile didn't break our drainage path. We're thrilled with the finished work! I bought enough tile to fill in gaps in some steps I built into our hillside garden. Instead of mortar and grout, I used polymeric sand. Only done one step, but it looks great. For both mosaics I cut the tiles by hitting them on a curb and adjusting them a little with tile nippers. Our pro used a burr grinder to smooth out glaze that didn't have terra cotta under it and larger spots where terra cotta wasn't covered with glaze. So, here's what it all looks like: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5LT4VhgKYcsETghu9. quote


~ Dan B. from Carlsbad CA

May 8, 2020


quote Gorgeous design and quality. We plan to use it for vertical risers on a small set of stairs, and to outline bancos on our 2 fireplaces. Looking forward to seeing it in place. quote


~ Wendy G. from Albuquerque NE

May 3, 2020


quote Tiles arrived in perfect shape and just as pictured. quote


~ Donna N. from Laguna Niguel CA

May 1, 2020


quote Tile was shipped and received quickly. It was packaged nicely as well. Very satisfied with color saturation and glaze. quote


~ R. Davis

Apr 26, 2020


quote Beautiful tile, and great customer service. received in a very timely manner. quote


~ Maria

Apr 26, 2020


quote This is the second time I have placed and order. The first was on Amazon for broken mosiac tiles. The second was this one! Absolutely delighted and can’t wait to begin to create my own mosiacs. Your service is incredible!!! The designs and products awesome. Thank you and I look forward to ordering again. quote


~ Linda K. from Palm Desert CA

Apr 24, 2020


quote I ordered two sets of house numbers - 2048 and 2050. My 4 star rating is due to the fact that the 0 tiles were 1/4" taller than the other number tiles making it tricky to fit them into the frame. The end result is Beautiful even with a little "fudging". quote


~ Christy from Tucson AZ

Apr 23, 2020


quote I have ordered several samples which have arrived quickly and well packed. All tiles have been beautiful quality and I find them well priced. We will be using these for stair risers and can't wait to see the final result! quote


~ Julie Z. from Los Gatos CA

Apr 8, 2020


quote I wanted to replace my sun/moon plaque for several years after a workman accidently knocked it off its hanging spot above our outdoor gated entry. Most were too large. This one is perfect and is just as described. Very well made. Shipping was fast and item was extremely well packed! Love it! quote


~ Maureen P. from Scottsdale AZ

Mar 14, 2020


quote Fast shipping. Extremely well packed. As advertised. Will buy from them again! quote


~ David P. from Spring TE

Mar 13, 2020


quote This tile mural is beautifully made. The tiles are striking and uniform in size, which makes them relatively easy to work with. I used them as the background for a recessed shampoo shelf in a new shower I am installing. Really sets off the shower, in a new bathroom that also has a Talavera sink and backsplash tiles from this vendor. Quality control is great and all the pieces are stunning. quote


~ Linda P. from Baker City OR

Mar 5, 2020


quote These Terra Cotta tiles are the real thing. We used the octagonal 8.5 x 8.625 along with various 2 inch square Santa Barbara tiles for the entry. Just gorgeous. quote


~ Ruthie S. from Thousand Oaks CA

Mar 5, 2020


quote This is not your everyday stair edge. The extra detail that you can see in the second and third image on the site is more like what you receive. quote


~ Ruthie S. from Thousand Oaks CA

Mar 5, 2020


quote Everything came in great except the bright yellow it looked as if it was sprinkled with ground black pepper. It was on all of the yellow tiles. Everything else was great and will continue to buy from them. Shipping was fast. quote


~ Yvette F. from El Paso TX

Mar 3, 2020


quote PERFECT! Absolutely completes the decor in my house with a wonderful detail. Well packed, arrived promptly, and Moani in your customer service department helped me so graciously. Thanks to all. quote


~ Anonymous from Silver Creek NE

Feb 14, 2020


quote I used it to tile the front of a porch and also in framed squares on the wall above the porch. It is intricate close up and very striking and elegant from a distance. quote


~ Karen G. from Petaluma CA

Feb 12, 2020


quote Polanco 3 is one of the prettiest tiles we have ever seen: light, bright, and "happy." Did a 6/6" strip around kitchen counter top with dark blue bull nose on top to finish it and recycled Sky Blue Vertrazzo edge on bottom. Walls were a diagonal white with a niche tiled with green, blue and white tiles, all from Tierra y Fuego. 2 years later, still getting raves on our kitchen as a whole and tile specifically. great customer service, fast, extremely well wrapped, excellent quality, especially for price. I shopped in person and via internet at 12 places in LA, Whittier, Orange County, AZ, TX and Mexico: Tierra y Fuego by far the most professional and prompt. quote


~ Jennifer E. from Los Angeles CA

Feb 8, 2020


quote We ordered a sampling of plain and design tiles and they came well packaged, on time and are just beautiful. Will now place our full order to create a kitchen backsplash. quote


~ Kathy C. from Summerland FL

Feb 5, 2020


quote The circle cross tile combination is a really pretty design. The handmade tile gives the finished product a really unique look. The T&F customer service was great, really fast delivery and no broken tiles! quote


~ Darius from Los Angeles CA

Feb 1, 2020


quote I made a beautiful trivet using 6 of these tiles. I wish I could include a picture. Service was excellent. I've already ordered more! quote


~ Chuck Floto from Oceanside CA

Jan 26, 2020


quote I have ordered lovely tiles from Tierra y Fuego. They are well packed for delivery and not one was damaged. They are reasonably priced and I find the quality to be very good. quote


~ Anthony P. from Henderson NE

Jan 26, 2020


quote The tile was very well packaged, not a single one broke in shipping. Delivery was very fast - they shipped it the same day, and right before Christmas. The color and feel of the tile are as I expected. There is some color variations between pieces, but when it is all mixed together, it looks beautiful. quote


~ Liz from UT

Dec 30, 2019


quote This matches perfectly with the Talavera products I have in my kitchen. And it's larger than I had thought. Tierra y Fuego is now one of my favorite shopping sites! quote


~ C Garcia from Bernalillo NM

Dec 27, 2019


quote This is a beautiful tile. Very rich color, shiny. I love the look of it. I was thinking about it for a countertop and I think it would be stunning but would require more maintenance than I want to keep it that way. Alas, I will use something less beautiful. quote


~ Trish from Tucson AZ

Dec 26, 2019


quote Beautiful tile. Sample shipped promptly and arrived in good shape. Plan to use it as part of a backsplash. quote


~ Trish from Tucson AZ

Dec 26, 2019


quote  We purchased theses Eight Point Star and the matching Cross tiles for our bathroom floor. With a barely blue grout, the result is breathtakingly gorgeous! The natural texture and color variations of the tiles adds to the look of the floor, as well as ensuring that there won't ever be one "mis-placed" tile that we all stare at -- all of them are unique, blending into a consistent whole. We've sealed the whole thing and plan on refreshing yearly. Very much looking forward to enjoying this for decades to come! Thank you! quote


~ Aly C. from Troy MI

Dec 16, 2019


quote  Thank you for the quick delivery, all the tile arrived yesterday evening and everything made the long trip intact!  The tile is beautiful...love it! quote


~ Debbie R. from Hattiesburg MS

Dec 03, 2019


quote  I have purchased many of the Santa Barbara collection tiles. They are just stunning. I have installed them outside and we do freeze. After freeze they will have some crackling in the glaze. In my opinion it added an aged look to them and that is what I was wanting. quote


~ Tiffany from Murrieta CA

Nov 15, 2019




~ Tim from Eloy AZ

Nov 11, 2019


quote  They were awesome.  Looked great once installed.  Wish I had measured differently.  Had to order one more to finish project.  Should have looked for a corner piece. quote


~ Donna P. from Silverthorne CO

Oct 29, 2019


quote  These tiles are high quality, uniform in color/size/shape, and very pretty.  All tiles arrived safely (none broken).  We'd like to see free shipping offered when large orders are placed. quote


~ Anonymous

Oct 28, 2019


quote  These tiles are beautiful.  They are high quality, consistent in size/color, were packed very well (not one broken tile), and arrived timely.  The only negative -  the mailing fees were high. quote


~ Anonymous

Oct 28, 2019


quote  Love these talavera - cancun knobs! They are great quality and beautiful. They work perfectly with my talavera fish sink. The shipping was fast and the items were well packaged. Highly recommended. quote


~ Aimee

Oct 16, 2019


quote We love the peacock flower. The green is smooth and glow-y. It looks just as it appears online but has more glow in person. Our order arrived in 7 days as predicted. quote


~ Erika from Raleigh NC

Oct 13, 2019


quote I love your tiles !  All the tiles I've bought from you have been wonderful, pretty, classy, and look great in my new kitchen and on the artistic work I've done on the porch and patio.  I always refer people to your website for fantastic tiles. quote


~ Jo Anne G. from Miranda CA

Sep 27, 2019


quote WOW. These tiles are gorgeous. The box arrived in a timely fashion, packed tight and secure. All tiles in excellent condition. As soon as we figure out the pattern we're going with on our kitchen floor, we'll be ordering more. Thank you! quote


~ from Beacon NY

Sep 23, 2019


quote The tiles are beautiful! They were shipped promptly and arrived within a couple of days. They are packaged very well, I ordered 90 tiles and only one came with a small chip (but it was on the back so we were still able to utilize it). We used them as part of tabletop decor for a dinner. They will be used later as a kitchen backsplash. We would definitely order from Tierra y Fuego for future projects. quote


~ from Rocklin CA

Sep 23, 2019


quote Glad to find this tile for my work. quote


~ Anonymous

Sep 16, 2019


quote Much more vibrant than on the website. Actually combined well with other tiles better than expected. quote


~ Rene K. from Medford, MA

Sep 13, 2019


quote Rich colors, well packed for shipping, just what we wanted. Buying experience very pleasant. quote


~ Anonymous

Sep 07, 2019


quote The product arrived in time and carefully packaged. The tiles are just beautiful beyond description. Thanks for such amazing design. I am very happy, thinking of putting more in my kitchen. quote


~ Gabriel from Denver, CO

Aug 23, 2019


quote Everyone has admired our patio centerpiece “Limoncello.” It looks like something from a palace garden. It arrived promptly and very well packed. I couldn’t be more pleased. I will return to Tierra y Fuego again. quote


~ Barbara W. from Corpus Christi, TX

Aug 22, 2019


quote I wanted an all red chili string but could only find red and green on Amazon. I found what I wanted here. it was a gift for my boss and she absolutely loved it. I especially appreciated the way it was so well packed. No worry about breakage. I wish you would have suggested I buy two to save on shipping so I could have one for myself. Very nice!quote


~ Sandra E. from Bowling Green, OH

Aug 21, 2019


quote Great place for tiles very happy with the tile good color I will want more. quote


~ Christy T. from Vista, CA

Aug 14, 2019


quote The tile is always perfect and the service from Tierra Y Fuego is impeccable. I would not hesitate to recommend this tile and Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ Kiki Suggs from Las Cruces, NM

Aug 11, 2019


quote Great collection of authentic tiles. Grouting them on clay planter pots and they look terrific. All arrive in the mail in good condition. Will come down to shop to buy larger quantity. quote


~ Gina A. from Encinitas, CA

Aug 8, 2019


quote My beautiful, bright flower tiles have arrived! I can't wait to have them installed in my bathroom. Thank you again for the way you packed them...they traveled all the way to New Zealand and not one of them broken! quote


~ Miriam C. from Wellsford NA, New Zealand

Aug 4, 2019


quote I'm thrilled to have received my beautiful sun. Thank you for taking such care to pack it safely for its journey - all the way to New Zealand! Our family love it! quote


~ Miriam C. from Wellsford NA, New Zealand

Aug 4, 2019


quote I'm so happy with my experience with Terra y Fuego. My order arrived promptly and perfectly filled, including the special request I made. When I called with a question, I was quickly able to talk with someone who was super helpful. The tile looks great in person--the colors are more vivid than they appear online. Would definitely recommend and use again. quote


~ Jordan from CA

July 31, 2019


quote Beautiful colors. High quality Mexican Talavera tile. quote


~ Leslie from Tucson, AZ

July 28, 2019


quote Such beautiful tiles - colors are gorgeous! Fast, fast, beautifully packed shipping. Thank you! quote


~ Mary W. from Richmond, CA

July 24, 2019


quote Here’s the completed tile mosaic I created using your broken Mexican tiles. They were great for breaking into smaller pieces. I only used a hammer to create the shapes I wanted. Your tiles were perfect for the project- beautiful colors, easy to handle and the shipping was super-fast too. This mosaic is on a wall of a covered outdoor porch and it weathered our cold Colorado winter perfectly. I’m so happy I found and used your company. Thanks! quote


~ B. Nagy from Grand Junction, CO

July 19, 2019


quote I can say ... the tile we ordered looked great, just as pictured in design, but better in look when received. It was also great that we’re able to order a smaller quantity because our need was small. That was great savings!  I installed the tile in front of a fountain, a finishing touch. It looks great! Lastly, purchasing it was easy, the tile shipped faster than thought, we will enjoy it for a long time to come, and we know where to buy again in the future! Thank you Tierra Y Fuego! quote


~ Timothy Fagerhaug from Corona, CA

June 21, 2019


quote The color of the tiles was exactly what I wanted.  Unfortunately I didn't want bull-nosed and that is what I got.  Thanks to Ricardo Romero for his assistance in this matter. He assured me that he would send the flat sided tiles I ordered. Thank You quote


~ Lynn R. from Black Hawk, SD

June 21, 2019


quote The tiles arrived quickly and were carefully packed so there was no scratching or breakage. The color is stunning. The subtle variation in tone and texture is what attracted us to the product. Very satisfied. quote


~ J. Karas from Lincoln, NE

May 15, 2019


quote These are the largest terra cotta tiles I’ve seen. The more x of natural colors from light orange to dark brown with rust color throughout is a perfect blend to match any warm color schemes you choose, my installer loves these because they don’t break when cut as those thin porcelain tiles do. We coated it twice with the miracle 511 then one coat of boiled linseed oil for a finish that grout won’t stick to and which brought out the color even more. quote


~ Daniel S. from Baltimore, MD

May 11, 2019


quote The tiles look wonderful in person! Much better than the pictures. They have also arrived in good condition. There were about a dozen small chips on some edges but nothing that I can’t work around. The first coat of sealer is on. I will send pictures of the installation within the next two weeks.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. quote


~ Daniel S. from Baltimore, MD

May 08, 2019


quote My beautiful bright sun greets me every morning with her luscious smile and vivid green eyes. She is my bathroom delight and all who visit, too! quote


~ Bette B. from San Diego, CA

Apr 28, 2019


quote We purchased enough tile to do the backsplash for the kitchen sink, and stove - to add some color. It turned out so beautiful, that we are ordering more to extend the theme to the kitchen peninsula, and pass-through ledge into the Arizona room. We have always loved the look of Talavera tile whenever we have visited Mexico - now it is in our home! :) We are very happy with Tierra y Fuego. The shipment arrived in an extremely timely manner, and the quality of the tile itself is wonderful. quote


~ Chuck & Sharon D. from Wickenburg, AZ

Apr 27, 2019


quote Every order I have received from Tierra y Fuego has been shipped within a day and excellently packaged. The tiles are very good quality. Consistent colors and not one broken tile. quote


~ Allen N. from Oroville, CA

Apr 27, 2019


quote This tile arrived quickly and safely. Tiles are packed in small groups with LOTS of bubble wrap! quote


~ Karin W. from San Jose, CA

Apr 15, 2019


quote We used this tile as decorative accent tile for our kitchen back splash and it's perfect! Unique yet stunning design with beautiful colors. Love it! quote


~ Alexa from Hawthorne, CA

Apr 09, 2019


quote We used this tile for our kitchen back splash and it's perfect. We love the variation in shades of green. We get many compliments. Just beautiful! quote


~ Alexa from Hawthorne, CA

Apr 09, 2019


quote This set was perfect! I am working on a design for my kitchen backsplash. This set allowed me to play with different combinations to figure out the design. (My plans are to combine these 2x2 tiles with Mexican subway tile and 4.25 x 4.25 Talavera tile.) Very pleased with selection. Tiles were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition! Thank you! quote


~ Kathleen from Phoenix, AZ

Mar 29, 2019


quote Love these birds in my kitchen! They have antenna! quote


~ Gl Sim from Omaha, NE

Mar 17, 2019


quote This has been a great company to work with. The website was easy to navigate. Due to my calculating errors I had to make three separate orders. All order arrived timely. The tiles were well packaged. There were no broken tiles. The tiles are beautiful and good quality. I highly recommend. quote


~ Janine from Homedale, ID

Mar 09, 2019


quote I ordered this tile for a mosaic coffee table I am making. I also ordered other tile in the same category- Celestial. All of the tiles are beautiful. I would recommend these tiles. Definitely would order again. quote


~ Zadelle V. from Agoura Hills, CA

Mar 04, 2019


quote Beautiful tile, at a reasonable price. Prompt shipping. quote


~ Joe D. from Rock Glen, PA

Feb 23, 2019


quote Beautiful tiles. Well packaged. Timely shipping. quote


~ Anonymous

Feb 22, 2019


quote I'm experimenting with different patterns for my kitchen and I love these! quote


~ Lisa P. from Kearneysville, WE

Feb 13, 2019


quote We bought these several years ago and made them into coasters for our newly decorated home. They were a show piece. We lost them when we lost our home in the Camp Fire. Several weeks ago, we found them again online and instantly bought them. They have beautiful colors and shine and have a special uniqueness; and we can't wait to use them again. They are a great quality product, and were packed extremely well protected. We will definitely buy from this company again. quote


~ LeAndra S. from Chico, CA

Feb 12, 2019


quote The tile is gorgeous; I have one tile framed in my kitchen, and it adds vibrant color to the area. The quality is good: colors are bright, and well delineated. This is a real winner! quote


~ Elizabeth H. from Parkville, MD

Feb 4, 2019


quote This is a beautiful tile and thus the 5 stars. But in certain lights, the ivory goes very yellow and the grays go green, so it will not work for me. If you have the ability to control the light in your space, you will love it. quote


~ Anonymous from Hollister, CA

Jan 16, 2019


quote I just received my order and was impressed at the extra care spent packing my tiles for shipment, all arrived safely. The tiles are beautiful and I could not be happier with them. Thanks again for the excellent packing! quote


~ Lonny D. from Cape Coral, FL

Jan 8, 2019


quote The string of chilis looks beautiful! though not quite as "thick" a string as shown, but very pretty indeed. and the packaging was amazing, not one chili broke! that was impressive. they look beautiful in my kitchen and wont mold like the real Tristram always seem to do. Highly recommend. many thanks for a beautiful and quality product! quote


~ Angelique G. from Albuquerque, NM

Dec 29, 2018


quote Beautiful tile with a gorgeous design and coloring. I ordered a wide range of field tiles and decorative tiles. This review is for all of them. All of the tiles came expertly wrapped and very protected in thick packing material. No chips whatsoever, and I have ordered close to 300 tiles. Very pleased with the quality of tiles, the packing, and the almost immediate shipping. quote


~ Anne A. from Oroville, WA

Dec 27, 2018


quote Very nice deep, bright yellow. I ordered a wide range of field tiles and decorative tiles. This review is for all of them. All of the tiles came expertly wrapped and very protected in thick packing material. No chips whatsoever, and I have ordered close to 300 tiles. Very pleased with the quality of tiles, the packing, and the almost immediate shipping. quote


~ Anne A. from Oroville, WA

Dec 27, 2018


quote Needed to match existing Terra Cotta floor tile that was 30 years old. These matched perfectly. Product was packaged great and arrived in perfect condition! quote


~ Amy B. from Naples, FL

Dec 13, 2018


quote These are beautiful and exceeded our expectations.....ordering more today :) quote


~ AJ Vitaro from Scottsdale, AR

Dec 04, 2018


quote I want to thank you for shipping my tile samples so quickly to Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. They were packaged very well, with no breakage. I will probably be ordering more as samples, and then will place my order once I have decided which ones work best for my fireplace surround. quote


~ Terry K. from Niagara on the Lake, ON

Nov 29, 2018


quote I'm really happy with this tile! I used it in my kitchen and it really looks pretty. The delivery was quick, the tiles were securely wrapped and the customer service person I spoke with was very helpful. the background color is a little less yellow than it appears on my computer, and I like it better. One note: I ordered some plain cobalt blue tiles to accent this and they were almost black, much darker than the blue in this tile. I used the white Talavera instead and it looks great. quote


~ Kathe C. from Des Moines, IO

Nov 25, 2018


quote This set x4009 is a nice selection of naive desert designs that work very well when mixed in with other decorative sets and field tiles. I have mixed up this set with other sets of flowers and birds and fish and multiple field tile colors. Very pleased with the total colorful, happy, and interesting project. quote


~ Anne A. from Oroville, WA

Nov 20, 2018


quote This is truly a beautiful tile. So many colors work well with a variety of field tiles. The design is sophisticated yet relaxed and lovely. quote


~ Anne A. from Oroville, WA

Nov 20, 2018


quote We ordered these tiles twice due to my mistake in counting them. Both times, the tiles arrived in perfect shape (and quickly!). They look just like the photos and have a very playful quality to them. We are so happy with how the floor has turned out. I would not hesitate to order from Tierra Y Fuego in the future. Great product! Fast delivery! Super satisfied! quote


~ Ron B. from Eugene, OR

Nov 07, 2018


quote Gorgeous tiles. Very well made. Look beautiful surrounding my adobe style fireplace opening. Shipping was very fast and tiles very well packaged. quote


~ V. Masellis from Palos Verdes, CA

Nov 03, 2018


quote I ordered some replacement ceramic tiles recently and they arrived within days and in perfect shape. They were packaged well. I would definitely order from this company again. quote


~ Delonica B. from Roswell, GA

Oct 25, 2018


quote I just wanted to say that I received my order today and the tiles are all gorgeous and the packing was excellent! Each individual package was a delight to open, especially without the worry of any being damaged. I live in a very remote area near the Canadian border and want to bring some brightness inside to offset the long winters. These will do it for sure. You professionalism and care for your products show, and it is greatly appreciated. Please pass on my thanks the person/persons who packed my order. quote


~ Anne A. from Oroville, WA

Oct 24, 2018


quote Absolutely beautiful tiles! They come as bright and beautiful as the picture shows them. These tiles came to us packaged extremely well and very quickly. We installed them and they are gorgeous! Very happy with our purchase and will definitely be shopping from Tierra Y Fuego for additional tiles in the future. quote


~ Sara C. from Los Angeles, CA

Oct 22, 2018


quote I have not yet been able to unpack the tiles, but they look very nice through the plastic. The delivery was to my driveway so that was very nice not to have to pick them up myself. They are very heavy. quote


~ Jo Gurley from Miranda, CA

Oct 14, 2018


quote We received 2 of these to use in our spa bath. It looks beautiful with our green granite. It is true to color from the photograph. quote


~ Julia P. from Kings Beach, CA

Oct 03, 2018


quote Very prompt; Great product;  Easy to use website; Previous encounters with humans very positive. Have a good day. quote


~ Dave S. from San Luis Obispo, CA

Oct 01, 2018


 quote Can’t wait to install this beautiful sink. Arrived in perfect condition. Actually better looking “ in person” than in the photos. quote


~ John N. from Bryn Mawr, PA

Sep 30, 2018


quote Excellent packaging, no damage at all, great finish!!! We love them! quote


~ Gabriela C. from Pembroke Pines, FL

Sep 26, 2018


quote These are beautiful and exactly as described. Prompt delivery. I am using them to replace tile in small wrought iron tables and they are true to size, reasonably priced and fit perfectly!



~ Wheeler L. from Baltimore, MA

Sep 25, 2018


quote Product was sent carefully even though it's quite literally broken tile. Tile pieces were large and not damaged in any other way. They were priced very well and arrived quickly. If I need more, I will definitely return here for another shipment. Thank you! quote


~ Carrie H. from Houston, TX

Sep 11, 2018


quote Love this tile. I got it in 3x6 for a border in my bathroom. Great color, extremely fast delivery and well packed. Worth the money! quote


~ Jennifer M. from Pasadena, CA

Sep 05, 2018


quote Arrived earlier than expected. It is exactly as it is pictured. Very attractive. I appreciated the excellent packing. quote


~ Cathy W. from Sun Lakes, AZ

Sep 03, 2018


quote I purchased this tile for a pool feature wall - the water will be coming out of the tile into the pool - to match the tile that has been installed in all three of the patios in my Spanish Mission home. The tile was packed meticulously and all tiles look intact (I have not opened each packet of 4 yet as I will wait until the pool is installed). I received the tiles very quickly, and they traveled from the west coast to the east coast! Overall, I would definitely order from Tierra y Fuego in the future. quote


~ Lori R. from Florida

Aug 27, 2018


quote We used in a strip on stair risers mixing with 2 other styles that have the bright light blue (which is very vibrant in real life) running through them. Great quality, gorgeous and reasonably priced for handmade tile. quote


~ Lucy H. from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Aug 20, 2018


quote The tile is a little more red than pictured and gorgeous. We used in a strip on stair risers mixing with 2 other styles that have the bright light blue (which is very vibrant in real life) running through them. Great quality, gorgeous and reasonably priced for handmade tile. quote


~ Lucy H. from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Aug 20, 2018


quote Looks terrific on the wall. quote


~ Patricia from Florida

Aug 20, 2018


quote The tiles are very richly colored. The blue was very dark. I would have called it navy instead of blue. Keep in mind a lb of tile is far less than one would expect. Order more not less. These tiles are awesome and are quite beautiful in my mosaics. Customer service with this company, as well as their product, is top notch. quote


~ Marianne B. from Detroit, MI

Aug 11, 2018


quote I have placed some orders with Tierra y Fuego and I am very happy with the quality of the products. I also have to say that they have the best customer service. I have bought tile online from otters companies and had bad experiences. We found Tierra y Fuego and we will continue ordering from them for future projects . I recommend Tierra Y Fuego to anyone that wants quality, fast delivery an good customer service. Absolutely the Best!!! quote


~ Sandra from Palatine, Il

Aug 06, 2018


quote I have an antique cobblers bench which has 4 small compartments that were meant to hold cobblers nails and supplies. I recently gave it a new coat of paint and converted it to a coffee table. The 3x3 Talavera tiles fit perfectly into the little square compartments to double as coasters and it looks terrific! quote


~ Aj Mahle from Marietta, GA

Aug 05, 2018


quote I bought three Talavera wall planters to hang on my staircase wall: Puebla, Vallarta, and Tepic. The colors match beautifully with each other and the coordinating Talavera tile on my stair steps. Each of the planters has uniform installation holes in the back that make them easy to install. Even though I opted for standard delivery, they arrived unbelievably quickly and in perfect condition. quote


~ Lynn B. from Orange, CA

Aug 04, 2018


quote For my purpose it's perfect. It's made of porous clay without any glaze added. quote


~ Anonymous

Aug 03, 2018


quote I used these tiles as accent tiles in my kitchen. They are beautiful. Fast shipping and no breakage from T&F. Thanks quote


~ Gina H. from Tacoma, WA

Aug 02, 2018


quote Oh My Goodness, this is such a beautiful tile, the colours are so vibrant - much more so than pictured. Customer service was fantastic. Our order arrived, extremely well packed, no breakages at all, halfway around the world, 1 week later! Really could not be happier! quote


~ Lisa from Hobart Ta, Australia

Jul 29, 2018


quote These tiles are absolutely beautiful and are true to the pictures seen. They look carefully hand painted and the colors are stunning! quote


~ Joyce M. from Columbia, CA

Jul 28, 2018


quote I expected this tile to be clear glazed terra cotta, but this tile definitely has a slight yellow cast to it. Order a sample to be sure it works for you!

Otherwise great, as all products I have gotten from Tierra y fuego! quote


~ Chris from Santa Barbara, CA

Jul 27, 2018


quote Delicate motif that looked as good in person as on the site.  We were so impressed at how perfectly each tile was wrapped for shipment. quote


~ Victoria Powers from Denver, CO

Jul 25, 2018


quote Thank you so much! Our tiles arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! We are so happy with them. Absolutely no breakages either. Thank you so much again, will send a photo of the finished product. quote


~Lisa S. from Petcheys Bay, Australia

Jul 21, 2018


quote Exatly what I needed. quote


~ Anonymous

Jul 18, 2018


quote I will be ordering more. quote


~ Patricia from Miami, FL

Jul 16, 2018


quote I purchased quantities of nearly every color and loved them all. Very bright and beautiful. The large size of many of the tiles surprised and pleased me. I will be able to do a lot with them. Also a great plus is how quickly they were shipped and delivered, as I progress with my project I may need more colors quickly! Thanks. quote


~ Barbara N. from Grand Junction, CO

Jun 30, 2018


quote For our bathroom renovation I wanted Talavera tiles for the backsplash over the sink. I spent a lot of time looking at the possibilities before settling on the green peacock. The order went through smoothly and arrived as promised. The tiles were well packaged and are good quality and beautiful. quote


~ K. Jones from Amherst, MA

Jun 27, 2018


quote The Avinia Border tile was a perfect fit for the tile and sink also purchased at Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ Rene G. from San Antonio, TX

Jun 25, 2018


quote I received my numbers 1, 2, 4, and 9. They were all beautiful and arrived in excellent condition, very well packed. Thank you. quote


~ Gloria M. from Miami, FL

Jun 25, 2018


quote It is so difficult to find high quality, old world tiles that can be purchased anywhere these days. I bought these for repairing the tiles in front of my fireplace, a 1926 vintage home. They arrived quickly, well-packaged, and they are beautiful. Thank you! quote


~ Rita C. from Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Jun 19, 2018


quote It is difficult to find old world crafted ceramic tiles, and, specifically this size. These tiles arrived on time, intact and are going to look wonderful in front of my fireplace. They are absolutely beautiful. quote


~ Rita C. from Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Jun 19, 2018


quote A plus to order only one of these lovely Peacock Flower tiles for a booboo on our deck. The colors were true to the screen sample, just beautiful. The tile was packaged snug as a bug and arrived perfect and fast. quote


~ Anonymous

Jun 18, 2018


quote It's as beautiful as the photos. Large, sturdy, vibrant colors, and really eye catching yet classic. I love it! quote


~ Margaret from New York, NY

Jun 17, 2018


quote After a disappointing experience ordering a hand-painted sink from a different vendor, I was a little nervous to try again. But this sink is GORGEOUS! It arrived quickly, and the packaging was perfect -- it protected the sink from damage during shipping but did not get Styrofoam bits all over my house when I opened the box. The sink was exactly as pictured, and I can't wait to install it in my new bathroom. quote


~ Deb W. from US

Jun 15, 2018


quote Received my absolutely beautiful sink!  thank you so very much for getting it out in the mail right away.  I am THRILLED! Colleen. quote


~ Collen Carlson from Bismarck ND

Jun 14, 2018


quote Beautiful products, excellent quality and prompt service. i am a repeat customer. i love their ceramic products. quote


~ Lisa Ann Cohn from Minden NV

Jun 09, 2018


quote The chair railing accent was perfect to coordinate with the solid and patterned tile used in the design. We love it. Securely packed. No breakage. quote


~ Sandra Billington from Hernando MS

Jun 06, 2018


quote This tile helped to brighten our pattern for our kitchen backsplash. Colors were provided in solid tile and accent piece matched so well. Product came securely packed. No breakage. quote


~ Sandra Billington from Hernando MS

Jun 06, 2018


quote Purchased this tile to complete a pattern for our backsplash. Coordinated well with the painted tile used. All items in shipment came delivered in perfect condition. No breakage. quote


~ John Billington from Hernando MS

Jun 06, 2018


quote Love love love this tile! Even more beautiful than it looked in pictures! Very pleased indeed! quote


~ J. Brown from Cool CA

May 29, 2018


quote Love the planters Color as in ad, very vibrant. They arrived in perfect condition. quote


~ Sharyn Kennedy from US

May 28, 2018


quote We love the look of the Romanesco tile. We used it as a backsplash behind our kitchen stove. It looks great. quote


~ Willow Sellin from Salt Lake City UT

May 26, 2018


quote Beautiful sink. Fast delivery. quote


~ Louise Roberts from Camarillo CA

May 22, 2018


quote My rooster tile arrived in perfect condition and has the exact "homespun" look that I was looking for. quote


~ Louise Roberts from Camarillo CA

May 21, 2018


quote We ordered only two of these tile to make two wall hangings for our outdoor area (we are surrounding with the cobalt blue colored tile). They are stunning. The color is exactly as show on-line. We received the tile very quickly (I did opt for the priority shipping since it was only a few dollars more) but given the distance the tile had to travel - Honolulu to South Florida - I was shocked that it arrived within the timeframe! Packaging was extremely well-done! As we make changes in our outdoor area I will be checking in with Tierra Y Fuego for items to make our area special. Nothing but positive starting with ordering, customer service, communication, product, shipping!!!! quote


~ Pamala from Deerfield FL

May 19, 2018


quote These number tiles are exactly what I was looking for!! The unique design and bright colors are absolutely perfect!quote


~ J Keller from Beaufort US

May 19, 2018


quote I have ordered talavera tiles from your company three times and each time they arrived in excellent shape. Awesome packing!quote


~ Merry R. from Wenatchee WA

May 15, 2018


quote This message is to let you know that my order of 8 Talavera Livorno knobs arrived last Monday and they are going to be perfect in our new bathroom. I appreciate the assistance you provided over the phone and I can hardly wait to see the guest room completed in the home we are building. We have a lovely bathroom sink and a mirror. With the Talavera knobs on the bathroom cabinet, everything will tie together very nicely. I will send you pictures in late August when our new home is completed. quote


~ Cindy D. from York PA

May 11, 2018


quote The tiles are beautiful and they were shipped immediately. Well package and everything arrived unbroken. quote


~ Sonya from Ann Arbor MI

May 03, 2018


quote We needed triangles to finish a border and it was nice to have these rather than cutting square tiles diagonally (and probably raggedly). Shipping was amazingly fast and all tiles arrived intact. quote


~ Sonya from Ann Arbor MI

May 03, 2018


quote The colors of this tile are gorgeous, and the tile itself is well made and arrived very carefully packed. Would recommend without hesitation. quote


~ Anonymous

May 01, 2018


quote I bought these to use on the back of stair risers and they are gorgeous. Match perfectly with the terracotta tiles used on the stairs and are excellent quality. They were also extremely well packaged to avoid any breakage during shipping. Very pleased with my first shopping experience with Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ Jan V. from Venice FL

Apr 03, 2018


quote We have used you before and, this time, like the last time, everything went perfectly.  The product arrived promptly with no breakages.
Thank you. quote


~ Roger from Captiva FL

Mar 28, 2018


quote This is so beautiful and really dresses up my garden. I would buy again. quote


~ Martha Peterson from San Rafael CA

Mar 27, 2018


quote This tile design came in expertly wrapped and packaged. Totally exceeded my expectations. The team was very easy to work with...very professional. Overall great experience. quote


~ Anonymous

Mar 25, 2018


quote The tile pieces I got were both as colorful as I'd hoped and larger than I expected, and therefore were more versatile. I can cut and trim them for better resolution on my mosaic project. Delivery was surprisingly fast, too. I will definitely order from you again. quote


~ Lynn from Houston TX

Mar 25, 2018


quote I used Andalucia Border on my stair risers. It works well with geometric shaped designs as well. quote


~ Gloria Leinbach from Torrance CA

Mar 25, 2018


quote We ordered a small number of 6x6 Constelacion as an accent for a glazed terra cotta tile floor in a Tudor style cottage as they had a medieval look. They arrived without any cracks or breaks and the colors look exactly as in the image. We are happy with our purchase, and will check in again when we next select decorative tile. quote


~ Anonymous from NJ

Mar 25, 2018


quote I am beyond delighted with this beautiful dispenser. It arrived lightning fast, and was well protected in its packaging. The quality and craftsmanship is first rate. I bought this to replace another Talavera soap dispenser, bought elsewhere, that had broken. Now, I'm so glad it did! I will definitely order from Tierra y Fuego in the future. quote


~ Andrea de Lange from Sherman Oaks

Mar 17, 2018


quote I needed something to match the stone walls of my newly-remodeled shower. I ordered this beautiful soap dish and it looks great. It also drains water from the soap and keeps it from melting. Great buy! quote


~ Tom Greco from Duncanvile TX

Mar 16, 2018


quote These tiles are beautiful! They look like they might be machine-made, as the tile thickness and shape is much more uniform than other handmade Mexican tiles I've seen. They may still be hand painted, and the designs and glazing are high quality. I was worried about shipping and getting broken tiles, but they were extremely well packaged, with not even a chip or scratch anywhere. quote


~ Anonymous

Mar 15, 2018


quote Lovely tile, very well made. quote


~ Yuliana Yevoushok from Phoenixville PA

Mar 07, 2018


quote These tiles are exquisite. I was unable to make the colors work but the quality is excellent. quote


~ Yuliana Yevoushok from Phoenixville PA

Mar 07, 2018


quote I would have given these tiles 5 stars, but I think the shipping cost is a little steep! We only needed a small amount and this was the only site that had these kinds of tiles that you could order 2 x 2 singly. We wanted to mix up a variety of the tiles as accent pieces on the soffit of our cupboards. They did come securely wrapped, but still, the shipping was 2x as much as the tiles! quote


~ Patricia Benac from Albany NE

Mar 06, 2018


quote The planter is gorgeous - the colors are bright and the design matches the online pictures. The pot is sturdy and flawless in shape. The ordering process was simple, the product arrived within 3 days of order and the packaging was impressive - they used shredded, recycled cardboard to encase the pot. quote


~ Hermoso Jardin from Redwood CA

Mar 03, 2018


quote Great service, delivery and product. quote


~ Bob from Minneapolis MI

Feb 17, 2018


quote My son requested something cultural for the eastern wall of his bathroom. Evidently, it was to cover a hole left by a clock that died. Found this online and I think it was a great find, very beautiful. He loved it! Said it was perfect and he mounted it right away. I think it is a quality product for the price. Great colors match his tile. He was very happy and that is what matters. Arrived very carefully packed with no breaks. I really appreciated that. Have ordered such items before and they have arrived cracked. Had to return them. Beats having to go many miles to the border to find something like this at a reasonable price. quote


~ Jama E. from Claremont CA

Feb 15, 2018


quote These knobs look great and are well made. They are larger than I thought, but had I looked more closely at the description, I would have noticed the dimensions. They still worked well for my needs, but check the dimensions to make sure they will work for you. Diameter of 1.5" is larger than many knobs. Also, the screw on each knob is pretty long (2.25"). I was able to pretty easily cut each one shorter with a hacksaw so that it wouldn't be sticking out so far on the inside of the cabinet door. quote


~ Kevin F. from Collins CO

Feb 13, 2018


quote We drove over three hours to come to your store, it was so worth it!
Your store has an amazing selection of beautiful tile. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Ricardo was such wonderful help, we gave him the dimensions and he calculated how much tile we would need, he needs a raise!

Thank You Tierra y Fuego! quote


~ Anonymous

Feb 09, 2018


 quote Completed 2 projects with this tile. Love these so much. Same as previous reviewer, they look even better in person and the packaging is pristine. Not one broken tile received. quote


~ Linda J. from Sedona AZ

Jan 28, 2018


 quote Great product, just as described. Looks amazing in our bathroom. quote


~ Linda J. from Sedona AZ

Jan 28, 2018


 quote Bought this as a sample but it is lovely. We have bought tiles from here before and our project turned out stunning. That is why we return when new projects come up. quote


~ Laura I. from Lake Elsinore CA

Jan 24, 2018


 quote These are quite beautiful. Just as pictured. They came very quickly to Canada and were very well packaged, no damage at all. quote


~ Elizabeth S. from Orangeville ON CA

Jan 17, 2018


 quote This tile is beautiful and the quality is impeccable! The colors are deeply saturated, true to the online image and the finish smooth. Very high quality. I am searching for additional places to use this tile. I would defiantly recommend highly. quote


~ Chani B. from Riverside CA

Jan 16, 2018


 quote I bought these knobs to match others I bought in Mexico. They are the exact size and style, with many patterns to choose from. I pre-drilled the holes so that turning the knob during installation wouldn't put stress on the knob, because in one of my first attempts, the knob's ceramic interior crumbled from the stress of the metal threads being forced through the wood drawer. The price wasn't much different than the higher end of other choices, and it was exactly what we wanted. This company packs its fragile products with great padding and strong cardboard in a way that must come from years of experience. Their shipping is incredibly fast. quote


~ Kristen W. from Bozeman MT

Jan 09, 2018


 quote As you all know, buying on the Internet is hit or miss. That said, I was very satisfied with my order and this tile. The packaging was incredible, not what you get from Amazon. The tile was individually wrapped, securely wrapped in a stout cardboard box (not China cardboard) and that box was secured in another (outer) box stuffed with more wrapping. Not one tile was chipped or cracked, the tile was exactly as represented on the website. I am completely satisfied with the price of the tile, the shipping, the packing, the entire transaction. Don't hesitate, if you see it and you like it, buy it!. quote


~ Anthony C. from Ponce de Leon FL

Jan 02, 2018


 quote I love how this border tile looks in our bathroom. quote


~ Diana Wells from Portland OR

Dec 26, 2018


 quote We ordered the Saragossa tiles to use in front of our fire place and I absolutely love them. They are just perfect!
I had ordered 2 extra tiles, just in case, and we will be using those on our outside dining table as pan coasters :) quote


~ Yvette Van Teeffelen from Wichita KS

Dec 21, 2017 


 quote All were very beautiful. quote


~ Robert B. from Redmond OR

Dec 13, 2017 


quote We have Talavera house number tiles both at home and at our RV space. My grandson recently got married and bought a house..... when I saw that their new house didn't have a street/house number, I knew what to get them for their wedding gift. They love them! quote


~ Judy Polk from Vermilion OH

Nov 30, 2017


quote Great Quality. quote


~ Karla from Savannah

Nov 27, 2017 


quote Wonderful tiles and great service! Tiles arrived super quickly and safely packed. Colors are vibrant and great quality! quote


~ Kerry Strom from Grand Forks

Nov 15, 2017


quote That says something about how much we liked this tile! quote


~ Paul J. from Washington, DC

Nov 01, 2017


quote I received a sample and really like this. It was second place in our ranking after looking at dozens of samples from 5/6 companies. quote


~ Paul from Washington, DC

Nov 01, 2017


quote I received my sinks and me and my wife love them. We are remodeling our home after the hurricane Harvey storm. We think that they will be a great touch to our home i just hope i bought the right size. We will find out soon but we might have to customize to make them work. Hope you get this message and thanks!! 😉 quote


~ Gregory B. from Bridge City, TX

Oct 29, 2017


quote These lovely knobs are the perfect finishing touch to my bathroom renovation. Came quickly and in perfect condition. Will be back shopping at Tierra y Fuego again. Thanks quote


~ L. Rolingher from Edmonton, AI

Oct 23, 2017 


quote We bought 2 of 6 different designs, and are delighted with their brilliance in color and overall quality. They grace our kitchen cabinets and we appreciate them like our other art collections in our home quote


~ KTitus from Seattle, WA

Oct 22, 2017


quote The green peacock tiles are even better in person, they are vibrant in color and have a durable gloss finish. They came to my house with no broken tiles, I was very happy with my purchase. I would buy from Tierra y Fuego again. Thank you! quote


~ Matt from Santa Rosa, CA

Oct 08, 2017


quote They arrived very well packed. Nothing broken. Very pretty and will look great. Very nicely done. quote


~ Kathryn Gottschall from Tucson, AZ

Oct 03, 2017


quote Love the sink we ordered!!!  Using it for our guest bathroom for our home we are having built here in Taos, New Mexico.  Will look great in the custom vanity we had made for the bathroom.  Was delivered on time as promised and packaged very very well!!!  We also found here locally the flower pattern tiles for the back splash!!!!  It's going to look great!!! quote


~ Debbie Christmas from Taos, NM

Sep 19, 2017


quote This sink is even prettier than it's picture! I'm thrilled with it and can't wait for it to be installed.

Tierra Y Fuego is the perfect place to purchase Talavera. I couldn't be more satisfied with their products and quick, efficient shipping. The sink and tile I ordered arrived very promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much! quote


~ Mary Lounsbury from Riverside, CA

Sep 15, 2017


quote Excellent product looks good installed and tanks again for your excellent service. quote


~ Vance from Collbran, CO

Sep 11, 2017



quote This is my third order of these tiles - I keep finding additional uses for them.  The colors are so pleasing, and the tiles perfect.  Thank you! quote


~ Mary Werlin from Richmond, CA

Aug 30, 2017


quote Thanks for sending the three ceramic knobs. They're in place and perfect for the doors they're set on.  Only took a week to get to me which is really good timing, considering I live on an island off the BC coast.  Well done. Cheers. quote


~ Jim Murphy from Los Squirrel Cove, BC

Aug 29, 2017


quote Rich, quality tile. The colors are very saturated and stable. Love this design. The tiles arrived quickly and expertly packed. Thanks! quote


~ Alicia Johnson from Placitas, NM

Aug 26, 2017


quote Truly lovely design and colors.
These expertly painted tiles, whose high quality manufacturing sets them apart from cheaper and thinner tiles made by other companies, were packed individually and securely; box was delivered faster than the email alert that they were en route! We are repeat customers who also value the company's friendly, helpful service and prompt responses to our communications. quote


~ Jennifer from Los Angeles, CA

Aug 16, 2017


quote Thank you for the opportunity to tell you how much I love the sinks and the tiles I ordered they are all that I had hoped they would be.  They were sent to me in a very timely manner and you had exactly what I wanted.  And the items were packed very well so that nothing was damaged. I have ordered items from another company and they never had what I wanted in stock and they were not very good quality I realize theses items are hand painted. Thank you so much I can't wait till they are installed this week. quote


~ Tranna Vandervort from Bixby, OK

Aug 12, 2017


quote I bought 5 of the Dolcer tiles in different styles to create an interesting design on my fireplace hearth along with plain vanilla tiles...they are exactly as pictured, arrived well-packed and super fast! quote


~ Nancy Crawford-Bane from Cave Creek, AR

Aug 11, 2017


quote Tiles are lovely, true colors and sizes. Very carefully packaged. Not a single chip or break. Can't wait for installation day! quote


~ Susan from Dallas, TX

Aug 11, 2017


quote The colors just worked for us. Elegantly hand painted, each one with its own distinct character. quote


~ Kate Mota from Bakersfield, CA

Aug 2, 2017


quote These knobs are gorgeous! They are larger than I had imagined, and each one has its own unique flair! We are very pleased with our purchase! Thank you! quote


~ Leann Goya from Rome, GA

 July 26, 2017


quote You guys are so efficient over there. I'm so impressed. Thank you. quote


~ Marguerite D. from Jupiter, FL

 July 26, 2017


quote My lovely tiles arrived today.  I know this was a small order so I really appreciate the care you took in packing them.  They are just what I needed. quote


~ Marian Connor from Cambridge, MA

 July 26, 2017


quote This plate and two others are the perfect splash of color my monochrome kitchen really needed. They look so beautiful on the wall and very well painted.  Love it! quote


~ H. Niemiec from San Diego, CA

 July 24, 2017


quote Very beautiful colors--exactly as pictured. quote


~ Donna Adams from Albany, GA

 July 21, 2017


quote I love these tiles! The borders are nice and clean and the colors are refreshing in nature. Quite unlike the basic colors used in most painted tiles. They are also thicker than most which is a necessity for the application I use them. Other companies I've tried ship tiles that are thin and fragile. The borders are messy and look as if they were painted by a three year old! Unfortunately, I have to discard them; totally inferior in nature. Purchase your tiles here and you won't be disappointed.
As for this tile in particular, I purchased all color schemes in this pattern. Love 'em! quote


~ Robin Love from Elgin, OK

 July 18, 2017


quoteThird time I have ordered from this company. Always great service. Tiles arrived well packaged. Tiles are well made, great colors. Would recommend.quote


~ Cynthia K. from Beaufort, NC

 July 15, 2017


quoteI was very pleased with the delivery as scheduled and the care that was taken with packaging. They are beautiful!quote


~ Melissa Grant from Cedar Rapids, IO

 July 7, 2017


quoteI really love this soap dispenser. I use it for dish soap, and it looks so pretty on my kitchen counter.quote


~ Sandy from Marina del Rey, CA

 June 30, 2017


quote Tiles arrived before expected delivery date. Carefully packed, no chips or breakage. Vibrant colors, beautiful glaze, uniform size.quote


~ Michaline Youngblood from San Ramon, CA

 June 27, 2017


quoteYou guys are so efficient over there. I'm so impressed. Thank you. quote


~ Marguerite D. from Jupiter, FL

 June 24, 2017


quoteMy lovely tiles arrived today.  I know this was a small order so I really appreciate the care you took in packing them.  They are just what I needed.quote


~ Marian C. from Cambridge, MA

 June 24, 2017

quoteThis mural is even more beautiful in person! I ordered on line. The mural arrived carefully packed. The colors are so rich and clear! It has a very elegant and sophisticated look that is going to be a star on the wall in my home. I couldn't be happier!quote


~ J. Cohen from Sherman Oaks, CA

 June 13, 2017


quoteI have always had excellent experiences with Tierra Y Fuego, and this time was no different. I called to ask a few questions about stock and delivery. They we very nice, courteous and helpful, and took my order over the phone. 

The tiles showed up the next day (2 days earlier then expected)! They were expertly packed and perfect quality. 

Highly recommend for any of your tile or authentic decorative needs!! 

Thanks Tierra Y Fuego!quote


~ Peter Anton from Topanga, CA

June 1, 2017


quoteArrived pretty fast. I wanted something simple without colored borders. Look great with Blue Seville Talavera. Those two makes a great mix!quote


~ Guillaume Daigneault from Sherbrooke, Canada

 May 23, 2017


quoteThis tile and all the others I purchased were perfect! The service was fast and satisfactory in every way.quote


~ Patricia Hunt from Toledo, OR

 May 11, 2017


quoteLove this tile. So happy I purchased it!quote


~ Patricia Hunt from Toledo, OR

 May 11, 2017


quoteI am so pleased with these beautiful tiles and have decided to order more. The quality of product, speed in delivery, and super packaging will have me recommending your company to all of my friends! LOVE THEM!quote


~ Dorothy A. Newell from Green Cove Springs, FL

 May 5, 2017


quoteWe live in a remote area and we're very happy that we did not have to travel to a specialty tile store for what we were looking for.  Was hesitant to order tiles on line so took a chance.  The tiles arrived quickly, packaged unbelievably well and are exactly as advertised including the color and quality.  I plan to do more tile work for another home project and will be ordering again from Tierray Fuego!quote


~ Mike from Aquarius Mountains, AZ

 May 4, 2017


quoteWhen the postal carrier delivered the package, I was stunned--I hadn't expected the tiles to arrive for several more days.

And they are beautiful! We are using them as accent pieces with bright white subway tiles from Floor and Decor; the sunflower tiles are slightly thicker, but barely so--the glaze extends around the edges enough to meet the grout. If anything, the extra thickness helps these accents pop.

Where we are using other Mexican tiles (yellow field tiles in a shower niche), the thickness is the same.quote


~ Melissa Capers from Alexandria, VA

 May 2, 2017


quoteThis tile is gorgeous! extremely well made and lots of attention to detail. Very rich looking. The 'dusty' blue accents what I have in the kitchen, while the brown goes with the cabinets and counter tops.quote


~ Anonymous

 Apr 28, 2017

quoteAs with all T y F products, the soap dispenser is an appropriate addition to any Mexican-style room.  I'm using it as a lotion dispenser; pumping the product into the Talavera one takes patience, but it's worth it to get rid of the plastic drugstore bottle.quote


~ David Holmes from San Clemente, CA

 Apr 25, 2017


quoteI am very pleased with all the items.  I really enjoy the variety and quality of your products. Thank you.quote


~ Marie S. from Santa Fe, NM

 Apr 4, 2017


quoteI am an Irish Lass, I chose this tile because of the vibrant colors of green in it.  It is going to go wonderfully with the small project that I am working on.quote


~ Maureen from Easly, SC

 Feb 15, 2017

quoteGreat Color, fast shipping, Great product!!! Better than picture.quote


~ Anne M. from Mendon, NY

 Feb 13, 2017


quoteThese are beautiful quality tile pieces that are a lot of fun to play with.  I am making a table top with the pieces combined with 4 complete tiles. The colors are fabulous and there are quite a few larger pieces in each assortment.quote


~ Diane Offill from Las Vegas, NV

 Feb 7, 2017


quoteOMG, LOVE these tiles! I put a border around my bathroom sink and it came out amazing! It gives my bathroom new life! I love washing my hands in the sink now and checking out all the different tiles. I really would love to do a bar or something else with these. If I could figure out where else in the house to put them, I will do more. I love them and can't say enough about how pretty they are. 

They came within a week and packaged really nicely and nothing was cracked or broken.quote


~ Monica Linton from Las Vegas, NV

 Feb 7, 2017


quoteI love this sink! the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the issues my contractor had getting it leveled putting it in. due to the hand crafting it is quite unlevel on the bottom which made it quite difficult for him to get to sit level on the counter top. He was able to work at it and get it down pretty well but it did take some doing.  

the sink is beautiful and I am so happy with my decision to purchase this sink!  I have it in my kitchen as my prep sink in my new prep area and it's beautiful and perfect!quote


~ Ann Burden from Akron, NE

 Feb 6, 2017


quoteWe really appreciate the prompt delivery of our tiles in order to complete our countertop project. After removing a wall doubleoven and replacing it with a stand alone electric range, we needed to also remove the stovetop from the counter area. That left almost a 20" x 25" hole to fill. A solid wood insert worked but looked a bit dull. I found your website and it didn't take long to change plans! The attached pictures are the before and after. We are thrilled with the results and eager to show off our new kitchen. Thank you for making our project so unique.quote


~ Dean & Shirley from Apache Junction, AZ

 Jan 28, 2017


quoteDealing with Tierra y Fuego has been a breeze and these tiles are just as we had hoped, Beautiful. Selecting the tiles, placing the order and the shipping went perfect. Good selection, pricing and availability led us to buy from Tierra y Fuego and we are happy that we have.quote


~ Peabs. from Chelan, WA

 Jan 24, 2017

Dear Tierra y fuego, I am sending this note to let you know I am very happy with your product and service. Here's how I used some of the order in a shower cubby (peacock with verde trim) and 2 x 2 Tile accents. Thank you! quote


~ David B. from Eugene, OR

 Jan 9, 2017


quote I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for the tiles you made and sent! I had some broken tiles around my pool (10) and ordered them. When I saw how beautiful the tiles looked, I decided to order more (60?). Well, after pulling the old tiles off, I unboxed the new ones. I took a break, washed my hands and put lotion on. So, I grab the box and climb a flight of stairs, lose the box (because lotion) and all of the tiles fall down the flight of stairs. I kid you not, NOT ONE tile broke!!! I couldn't believe it! You're the real MVPs! quote


~ Bethany B. from Kihei, HI

 Jan 8, 2017

I agree with other reviewer, the tiles are lovely as I am also going to use as a back splash behind a pedestal  sink in bathroom...using a cobalt blue as prime color and these as accent....may even order more come to think of it! quote


~ Sara from Kingman, AZ

 Jan 8, 2017

I loved my tile purchase! The tiles are beautiful. They arrived safely. I am not a pro, but the results look great because the tile is so lovely. Thanks so much for making such great tile! I will shop with you again when I have another project. quote


~ Kathleen B. from Ventura, CA

 Dec 22, 2016

Everything about the process was great and the tiles, so carefully packed, arrived in beautiful shape. Already getting so many compliments. I wish I hadn't waited so long to do this! quote


~ Victoria M. from Hyattsville, MD

 Dec 15, 2016

Stunning, beautifully made, and a lovely accent among our other patterned tiles.Very well packed, arrived in perfect shape. quote


~ Victoria M. from Hyattsville, MD

 Dec 15, 2016

Beautiful tiles, carefully packed, in absolutely perfect shape upon arrival. They are lovely and look great around our windows!! quote


~ Victoria M. from Hyattsville, MD 

 Dec 15, 2016

Lovely cream tiles for background, uniform colors, easy to order, and arrived quickly.  We like dealing with this company. quote


~ Teresa A. from Boise, ID 

 Dec 7, 2016

Beautiful green and cream colored tiles, the designs are lovely, with no bleeding of colors or distortions.  This is the second time we have ordered tiles from T y F and are totally satisfied with their product. quote


~ Teresa A. from Boise, ID 

 Dec 7, 2016

Arrived quickly and packaged so extremely well...I agree with the previous reviewers...The packaging alone was impressive!!  The colors of the sink are vibrant and beautiful, just like I envisioned.  Will be perfect for the master bathroom.  Excellent, well made product!  Would recommend highly!! quote


~ Monica S. from Honeyville, UT 

 Dec 6, 2016

I love this tile and am using it in a bathroom for an accent stripe.  Tierra y Fuego has made the tiles thinner and more uniform, so they are easier to lay and give a more professional look, rather that the previous "rustic" look.  This makes them more versatile.  quote


~ Sara L. from Salinas, CA 

 Dec 3, 2016

Love these tiles! So many colors and patterns to choose from and....affordable! quote


~ April L. from Oakley, CA 

 Dec 1, 2016

Beautifully rendered design, but I can't use them as accent tile after all.  Color palette is in the yellow family, and I need grey/cooler.  Only wish there were more tiles in that range! quote


~ Wendy E. from Woodside, CA 

 Nov 29, 2016

My wife loves the colors and patterns they sent. She is going to decorate pots for planter w/ the tiles and give them as gifts. quote


~ Pete M. from Canoga Park, CA 

 Nov 26, 2016

Very pleased with the tile pieces that I received.  A good mix of different styles and colors. quote


~ Tanda E. from Combine, TX

 Nov 22, 2016

Beautiful tiles, fast delivery, well packaged. Perfect for my project. quote


~ Dr.Scog  from La Mesa, CA 

 Nov 6, 2016

My order arrived in 2 days, very well packaged against damage (appreciate packaging is paper and not Styrofoam) and the tiles are beautiful, just what I wanted. quote


~ S.Steinert from La Mesa, CA 

 Oct 31, 2016

quoteThis replacement sink matches one we purchased seven years ago from Tierra y Fuego. Due to improper installation, the old one disintegrated around the sink drain.  The color is a good match with our other sink.  We received the product in a very short time.


~ Norma H. from San Diego, CA 

 Oct 28, 2016

Planning bath Reno, ordered sample. Very cool, workable for my purposes. Will order more when ready. Beautiful and well put together. quote


~ Candace L.  from Carefree, AR

 Oct 28, 2016


quote The knobs are absolutely gorgeous and fit into the "Western" theme of our kitchen.  It is obvious that they are handcrafted as no two are alike either size wise or by color.  That makes them even more special. quote


~ Dolores R. from Oneonta, NE

 Oct 23, 2016

Beautiful tile arrived quickly and fully intact. Pleasant ordering experience. quote


~ Susan P. from Somis, CA

 Oct 17, 2016

We haven't installed it yet but this sink is gorgeous! The coloring is similar as pictured. We will see how well it holds up over time. The only challenge is the packaging. They definitively took care to make sure it was protected! quote


~ Amanda from Oakland, CA

 Oct 14, 2016



quote These tiles arrived quickly and are exactly as advertised. There is a slight gloss to them, which matches the style of the existing tiles. We are using these to replace some floor tiles in front of a fireplace on our 100-year old house. The depth of 1 /4" also matches the existing tiles, and the color is amazingly similar. Workmanship is excellent. quote


~ Philip B. from Washington, DC

 Oct 13, 2016


quote The tiles are beautiful! They came in in a very protected package and all looking as expected. Price was so much more reasonable than anywhere local. So glad I found you guys! quote


~ Nica from Oakland, CA

 Oct 7, 2016


quote Gorgeous colors & super fast delivery! Always satisfied with your tiles.quote


~ Marguerite H. from Granada Hills, CA

 Oct 6, 2016


quote Tile was exactly as advertised and was sent promptly with outstanding packing. Excellent company to do business with.quote


~ Roy M. from Palm Springs, CA

 Sep 28, 2016


quote Received the package in excellent condition. Thanks! quote


~ Barin from San Diego, CA

 Sep 28, 2016


quote We purchased a bathroom sink in Mexico about 7 years ago and finally got around to installing it. These tile go with it perfectly and showed up at my door within a week of purchase. Thank you. quote


~ Jessica from Portland, OR

 Sep 19, 2016


quote I could not find what I was looking for anywhere except here. when I finally ordered the tiles, they came within a week and were in perfect condition. Thank you. quote


~ Jessica from Portland, OR

 Sep 19, 2016


quote Tile was exactly as advertised and was sent promptly with outstanding packing.  Excellent company to do business with quote


~ Roy M. from Palm Springs, CA

 Sep 11, 2016


quote I ordered 18 of these for a vertical accent tile to my living room and used it with Sahara Tan grout. Looks beautiful... Tierra Y Fuego delivered and shipped promptly with no problems. I would highly recommend them. quote


~ Sandra K. from Anacortes, WA

 Sep 06, 2016


quote We have a source for Talavera tile/sinks in town, but their selection is limited and if not in stock it is 4 to 6 weeks. This was the perfect sink for our remodel. It shipped in one day. The quality is excellent, and the packaging used to prevent breakage was stellar. These folks have their act together. quote


~ Bill from Mesilla, NM

 Aug 28, 2016


quote Vibrant colors - high quality. I am looking forward to creating my kitchen back splash. quote


~ Francesca F. from Round Hill, VA

 Aug 28, 2016


quote Tile is beautiful and was packed perfectly. Service was very quick and tile arrived quickly. quote


~ Anonymous from Tampa, FL

 Aug 24, 2016


quote I ordered these knobs to match some I had gotten years ago. These are slightly larger but much nicer. I am now going to replace the old ones! quote


~ N. Mack from Raleigh, NC

 Aug 22, 2016


quote I love the tile pieces. Very colorful and good quality. But as another reviewer said the amount in a pound is small, It helped me to order more to do my project. The order was shipped out very fast and safely packed. Thank you for having just what I needed. quote


~ Carolyn J. from North Little Rock, AR

 Aug 16, 2016


quote I am making tiled garden art and these tile pieces are wonderful! Great collection of patterns and colors. quote


~ Alix from Rio Linda, CA

 Aug 15, 2016


quote We bought some decorative tiles in Mexico about 20 years ago, and just recently decided to duplicate the tile treatment on other side of house. This was the only place we could find the matching tile. They were inexpensive, quickly shipped, and matched perfectly! quote


~ Steve H. From Tucson, AR

 Aug 14, 2016


quote We purchased 9 different decorative tiles, plus these border tiles, for a kitchen back splash. They all are just as beautiful and high quality, with very accurate color representation, as they appear online. Ordering was easy, and delivery was prompt and as advised,also easy to track. All tiles were well packaged and quite intact. We are thrilled with the purchase. quote


~ Elizabeth K. From Buffalo, NY

 Aug 02, 2016


quote Excellent product. quote


~ Barbara From Macon, GA

 Jul 31, 2016


quote I received the tiles in a short amount of time. They were packaged very well so no breakage. They look just like the pic's and I am anxious to use them on my porch risers. quote


~ Barbara K. From Orcutt, CA

 Jul 28, 2016


quote These tiles showed up well packaged! We haven't unpacked them all at the moment, but so far, those we have are unbroken! The tiles were true to the online photo image, we are very pleased! Our order was processed quickly, and we received within 1 week. quote


~ Elaine L. From West Springfield, VA 

 Jul 28, 2016


quote I really like the dispenser. It's just as described and fits the bathroom decor perfectly. However the pump was cracked when it arrived, and I mentioned that in a review. Within three hours, a representative called to say they'd be sending a replacement. It arrived within a few days and works fine. I really appreciate the prompt help and am glad I ordered from Tierra y fuego. quote


~ Jan E. From Loves Park, IL

 Jul 25, 2016


quote I had considered a Talavera sink but felt one might be too fragile as it will be the only bathroom sink in our small straw bale home. Then I learned that small sinks are not manufactured in the US. It was a relief to find the 14"x17" size and, as a Talavera backsplash and counter top were already planned, the style was perfect. Because of the size constraints, I received two calls from Tierra y Fuego checking to be sure the sink ordered would fit my space. It arrived a few days later and it is beautiful. The solid area around the drain is a little more yellow than the picture but I expected variations because it is hand painted. It fits perfectly in the small cabinet. Best of all it came with NO plastic or styrofoam packaging, just paper and lots of shredded cardboard which can easily be recycled. quote


~ JoNell H. From Escalante, UT

 Jul 23, 2016


quote Bold and Balanced. I Used this tile to create a frame around a Diego like mosaic with 2x2's in lime on the inside border. quote


~ Catherine R. From Sedona

 Jul 22, 2016


quote Really nice sink, delivered promptly and safely - nicely packaged. quote


~ Cindy From NJ

 Jul 19, 2016


quote Exactly what I needed for my project and will do more business here!!! quote


~ Leeann M. From Staten Island, NE

 Jul 19, 2016


quote Our sink is beautiful and exceeds my expectations! I am very pleased with the colors and the quality! It's perfect! quote


~ Katherine J. From Tampa, FL

 Jul 11, 2016


quote Very nice quality talavera tile. I ordered several in the peacock family and the color was nicely uniform. The imperfect nature of handmade talavera tiles is largely why I like them, so I can live with small variations in color between tile. What is difficult to compensate for are warped and misshapen tiles, but there were none of those in my order. I am very pleased and recommend Tierra y Fuego highly. Thank you! quote


~ Dejavuduck From Eugene, OR 

 Jul 11, 2016


quote Wow, super speedy shipping and the tiles were just perfect! My mailman cracked up at your sticker on the outside of the box.....Thanks so much!!! quote


~ Carol H. From Torrance, CA

 Jul 09, 2016


quote The colors were as vibrant as pictured..perfect for my mosaic table project. Prompt shipping..would definitely order from TyF again. quote


~ Linda From Kyle, TE

 Jul 08, 2016


quote I'm so pleased with my new soap dispenser. It's beautiful and looks terrific on my counter to complement my new talavera tile backsplash in the kitchen. The items I ordered were carefully packed and arrived quickly. Thank you! quote


~ Linda W. From Reno, NV 

 Jul 04, 2016


quote The tile is beautiful shipped across country arrived in great shape I think out of 500 tiles I lost 3, I put them on my risers on my oak Stairs wish I could attach a picture it is so gorgeous love my tile Tierrafuego. Is all thumbs up. quote


~ Polly Kathleen From Lawrenceville, GA 

 Jul 03, 2016


quote Awesome stuff! quote


~ Matthew C.

 Jul 02, 2016


quote This is a beautiful tile. Service was excellent. Shipping was well done. Delivery was quick. We needed to change our order and the company was very accommodating. Wish I could find a way to do something with more tiles. quote


~ Peggy I. from North Canton, OH

 Jun 28, 2016


quote Thank you so much , the order arrived in great shape and time. quote


~ Turki from Mclean, VA

 Jun 18, 2016


quote This tile is absolutely stunning. I love it! However it is NOT 12X12. It is more like 12.5 x 12.5., therefore it did not fit in the space where I needed it. I decided to keep the tile because I loved it so much, and have it cut to fit. The sizing description needs to be updated for this item. quote


~ Katie S. from Noblesville, IN

 Jun 17, 2016


quote They all arrived in great shape. The packing job was excellent. I will send you some pictures in a couple of weeks. quote


~ Michael D. from San Pedro, CA

 Jun 08, 2016


quote As with the patterned Talavera tile pieces, buy more than you think you will need. One pound adds up quickly and not a large amount of tile. Colors are great! quote


~ Suzi T. from San Clemente, CA

 Jun 08, 2016


quote My only negative is that I didn't realize how small an amount is in one pound. Would recommend buying more than you think you need. Nice variety though. quote


~ Suzi T. from San Clemente, CA

 Jun 08, 2016


quote Dear Folks at Tierra y Fuego,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were to receive the beautiful samples of your tile. Later this week I will be ordering the Quarter Clavel and the Avalon with yellow Ochre tiles for our bathroom and shipping back the other samples. They arrived beautifully packed and not one was broken.

But I wanted to tell you that you brought much happiness to my husband, Lisle. He has ALS, (Lou Gehrig's disease) and we are having our 100 year old bathroom remodeled so that we have access for his wheelchair as his health declines.

Lisle loves color and was so excited to see your selection. I am attaching a photo of him on our deck in Juneau, Alaska thinking about which ones he liked the most! The quarter clavel includes Alaska's state colors of blue and yellow and that's what he chose to accent the shower wall. The smaller Avalon he also really liked and that will be in another part of the bathroom.

I will be sure to send you a final photo of the bathroom once it is complete. quote


~ Claire R. from Juneau, AK

Jun 07, 2016


quote My third order and I still cannot believe how beautiful your tiles are and how amazing your customer service is!!!! quote


~ Naomi H. from San Clemente, CA

 Jun 02, 2016


quote Very Happy  with product ordered, can expect more orders from me in future. quote


~ Tamera P. from Boise, ID

 Jun 02, 2016


quote Loving all the beautiful broken tiles I bought for my mosaic birdbath! quote


~ Abigail

 May 31, 2016


quote I bought the 1"x6" tile to complement an old reclaimed tile that I have had for over a decade. The tiles were perfect, the color lovely, and they arrived in great shape. My tile was not in stock, but would be received in just a few days. The Customer Service team called me immediately to inquire if it would be okay to wait to ship my order. I was fine waiting a few days, but I loved that they reached out to me proactively. In all, delighted with the service and product. quote


~ Rachel from Spearfish, SD

 May 26, 2016


quote I ordered the sink for my new remodel in south Texas. I saw it on Houzz so felt sure it would look great! NOT disappointed. It's Beautiful!! Will order matching knobs. quote


~ Gail Carter from Ft Worth, TX

 May 24, 2016


quote I am very impressed with this company . Items are shipped immediately and arrive within a week. The tiles are gorgeous and there is so much variety. Ive have done beatiful projects with them I have order broken talavera from two other companies and they cannot compare with the quality and variety of Tierra y Fuego. One of them basically sent me 3 full tiles that had chips but there was no variety , they were ticker than average and therefore made them useless for my project and the designs were boring and the colors dull. Will always use this company from now on. quote


~ Susana Descalzi from Houston, TX

 May 23, 2016


quote Using bright red, yellow, orange, lime green and blue on a mosaic walkway with other tile pieces. Even though it not frost safe, my first walkway where I used all the mixed colors, has been through 3 winters, all with light frost and with no damage. quote


~ Maxine Stupple from Hattiesburg, MS

 May 20, 2016


quote   First I would like to apologize that I didn't thank you immediately when the tiles arrived last week.  They are exquisite! Although I bought  them to make a mosaic, I have found myself unable to break them.  So I'm thinking of something else to do where I can use the whole tiles.

  I was so impressed with how fast the tiles arrived after placing my order, and the order was perfect.  I thank you so much for providing such a gorgeous product, and your time and attention in shipping.  I will definitely order again!  Thank you! quote


~ Mary W. from Richmond, CA

 May 18, 2016

quote Although we have not installed it yet, this sink is absolutely beautiful. Everything I was hoping for when I found it. We found a beautiful piece of granite called Yellow River. The "river" part will come up to the left side and exit out the right side of sink. Can't wait to see it installed. The way it was packed for shipping almost guaranteed it would not break. Love everything about it. quote


~ B. Williamson from Weirsdale, FL

 May 18, 2016


quote The quality of the tiles and the service was top of the line. Very impressive packaging too. My order arrived on time and in perfect condition. The tiles fit perfectly with no gaps and no cutting too! (But that was my great measuring skills :)) Will ABSOLUTELY use this company again if I ever need more tiles of this type. quote


~ Thomas Quirici from Hollywood, FL

 May 16, 2016


quote Beautiful product. Went perfectly with what I wanted for my wedding reception decor to look like. They delivered to me quickly, and very well wrapped and secured. Nothing was broken upon arrival. quote


~ Anonymous

 May 15, 2016


quote We used this to border a mural we made out of the 4 x 4 border tile. It made a great border and added quite a pouch to the concept as a whole. The colors matched the 4 x 4 perfectly and the glazing of this tile is really a high quality like the 4 x 4 border. quote


~ Leslie Hammond from Tucson, AZ

 May 15, 2016


quote I really love this border tile. It is bright and has a wonderful flow to the pattern. The colors are as seen and the glazing is really high quality. We made a mural out of it for the back of the shower and used the coordinating border 2x4 tile around it. That added quite a punch to the shower wall and bathroom as a whole. The Vallarta sink the matches it perfectly. The photo does not quite show it but Moani Brambila helped me and confirmed that the colors are as vibrant. Together they make a wonderful statement. I used a washed cobalt tile top bordered with a gold VCap. We love the bathroom and the customer service is superb. The shipping is fast and wrapped so well, nothing can breakquote


~ Leslie Hammond from Tucson, AZ

 May 15, 2016


quote Great place to buy this type of tile when you can't find in your area. Fast delivery and product as picturedquote


~ Gini from Ohio

 May 08, 2016


quote Great! Quality, color, and design well done. quote


~ Harit G. from Houston, TX

 May 08, 2016


quote Arrived in a timely manner and was very well packaged. The dish is larger than most. It's beautiful. When not using it for a soap dish I'm going to put shells in it. quote


~ Sima from Bear De

 May 06, 2016


quote Product arrived timely and very well packed. The screw-on lid could have been a little better designed but I think it will work perfect. We also bought the matching sink - another well put together product. quote


~ Sima from Bear De

 May 06, 2016


quote Thanks for the order…. very professional! The tiles are all beautiful & the packaging was perfect & timely. Good job! quote


~ Carlos A. from Gainesville, FL

 May 02, 2016


quote Thank you. Just received my order. These tiles are beautiful!!!  Order was shipped quickly, tiles arrived securely packed and they are beautiful.  Thank you! quote


~ Rachel P. from Scottsdale, AZ

 Apr 28, 2016


quote Dear People, 

On Monday, I ordered the above tiles from you, and they have just arrived.  They are GORGEOUS!  You shipped them so quickly, and I just keep looking at them they are so beautiful. I will be ordering more soon, and just wanted to thank you!. quote


~ Mary W. from Richmond, CA

 Apr 26, 2016


quote Wow!!!  Shipped so fast!  Thank youquote


~ Robin D. from Gulf Shores, AL

 Apr 22, 2016


quote I am so in love with the tiles I got.... both my husband and mom passed within 5 months of each other and these projects kept me busy and from falling apart. I did tile work on our small house in Mexico so really wanted to bring some of it here and it's  beautiful...Will be ordering again....I tell everyone where I got them..I live in a gated community on a main street so everyone sees them everyday..quote


~ Dona L. from Wilton, CA

 Apr 04, 2016


 quote I have ordered from you before and had great servicequote


~ Teresa Fry from Carlsbad, CA

 Mar 29, 2016


quote I absolutely love the tiles. I put them on the top of my glass firepit and have gotten quite a few compliments. Can't wait to see it at night when I light it and the cobalt blue glass glows, it will look beautiful with the tiles. I would definetly purchase from you again and highly recommend you. Thanks!quote


~ Dawn L. from Clearwater, FL

 Mar 26, 2016


quote Thank you so much, I have never had an order filled and delivered so quick, You guys rock, I will do lots of buisness with you. Thank youquote


~ Mary S. from Crescent City, CA

 Mar 26, 2016


quote I love the colors that match my newly painted cabinets. I am definitely coming back to buy morequote


~ Toni C Lent from Hayward, CA

 Mar 14, 2016


quote Thank you so much , the order arrived in great shape !!!quote


~ Leon S. from Gardner, CO

 Feb 29, 2016

Even before installation there is excitement among my friends to see the finished backsplash in my kitchen. The beautiful tiles arrived promptly, carefully packaged, with no breakage.  In central Ohio displays of your stunning art in homes is not common,however, I believe favorable comments will follow the completion of my project, and there may be inquiries about your company.  I appreciate the talent that produced these unique ceramic tiles. Thank you to the artists and skilled craftsmen whose product I will now enjoy. quote


~ Elinor D. from Mount Vernon, OH

 Feb 22, 2016


quote Thank you for all your help in choosing the tile for my home. You are all amazingquote


~ Erin Fisk from Mission Viejo, CA

 Feb 10, 2016


quote Hi everyone!

I LOVE doing business with you.  And I LOVE your products!!!!  I'm sorry that I had to return some items but now I have the correct ones. My backsplash will go up in several days and I can't wait.  It was a pleasure doing business with you. quote


~ Cristina L. from Alexandria, VA

 Jan 06, 2016


 quote My green dove, Mexican white, green ville, and verde tiles arrived in excellent condition thanks for such careful packing quote


~ Marie Mulkey

 Nov 02, 2015 


 quote Thank you – the tiles were delivered when promised, well packed and in perfect condition. They look lovely in the area we used them. Your tiles are beautiful in every way. Your customer service is excellent. I am now looking for other opportunities to use decorative tiles in my home. So glad I found your site. Best Regards ! quote


~ Carolyn D. from Mesa, AZ

 Nov 02, 2015 


 quote Tiles arrived today in great shape.  They are everything I was hoping for - looking beautiful!  My wife will be so happy when she come home tomorrow from a trip, and sees the surprise on the kitchen counter.  

Thanks for everything!  You guys are great! quote


~ Tom K. from Fairfax, VA

 Nov 02, 2015


 quote Very pleased with prompt handling of the order, quality of the tiles and the way they were packed for shipping to prevent breakage. 

Great company to work with and I expect to be ordering some 4 x 4 tiles in the next few days for another little project. Now I have seen these tiles, I want to use them everywhere! They are beautiful and reasonably priced.

Thank You. quote


~ Carolyn D. from Mesa, AZ

 Oct 12, 2015


 quote The most beautiful tiles, packed safely and shipped so quickly. I have worked with you before and will do so again. Thank you so much for producing such gorgeous products for us to decorate our homes. quote


~ Nancy Eaton from Nokomis, FL

 Oct 09, 2015


 quote Great tile. Great service. Great company to do business with. quote


~ G. Ulrich

 Oct 09, 2015


  quote Tiles are beautiful, well packed and shipped quickly. quote


~ Barbara J. Monda from Olympia, WA

 Oct 06, 2015


 quote The tiles arrived safely today. They are beautiful. Thank You. So glad I found your company. Now I want to add more tile accents to my home.! quote


~ Carolyn D. from Mesa, AZ

 Oct 02, 2015


 quote I was pleased with the quality of the tiles we ordered, They look durable and with good colorful detail. I will consider you again should I need similar products. quote


~ Ralph H. from Pine, CO

 Sep 28, 2015


 quote Love this sink. Unique style compared to all the other vessel sinks out there. Especially like the low (4 inch) profile. It was a little tricky finding a faucet that worked, but found one that had a shorter extension option. The sink colors are vibrant, very similar to what is seen in the online photo. The sink arrived within 2 days which was helpful. As a suggestion, it would be nice to have a smaller size option as is available with the oval sinks. Over all, very satisfied with all the products I purchased from this company - decorative tiles for backsplash & an oval drop-in sink, along with this vessel sink. quote


~ Anonymous

 Sep 23, 2015


 quote It was shipped quickly and the tile is beautiful. I ordered samples so I could see the true color as opposed to what shows on the computer. They were pretty close. I intend to order more to do a full kitchen backsplash. quote


~ Shelby Davenport from Oak, CA

 Sep 16, 2015


  quote I am working on a small home improvement project in which I am using Mexican tile. I found your store through a Google search, and am so happy I did. My first shipments have arrived, and I am blown away. I had hoped the tile would be nice, but they far exceed my expectations in every regard!!!

When I first ordered, I was a little put of by the shipping and handling charges in that I thought they were inflated. After opening the boxes and seeing the care given to ensure the safe arrival of my shipment, I feel as if every penny of charges is justified.

I will be ordering more tiles to complete my projects, but felt as if I had to let someone know at the onset just how happy I am to be a customer of your business. Although I live in South Georgia, I have cousins who live in San Diego who are contractors and restoration builders. I will be more than delighted to pass along my experience with your business to their immediate attention. quote


~ Kenneth Butler from Thomasville, GA

 Sep 14, 2015


 quote The sink is excellent, shipped fast and very well packed, overall top service. The colours are fab and the glaze and quality very good. quote


~ Julian Cade from Mountainside, NE

 Sep 14, 2015


 quote Exactly as described, well packaged, received on time. quote


~ Anonymous

 Sep 14, 2015


 quote Ordered on line on Monday, received in New Mexico on Thursday. My husband and I were so delighted with the tile, that he framed our front door with the tiles that night. The tiles are just what we hoped for in color and size. The effect to the entrance to our home is beyond our expectations. Thank you, we will order again. quote


~ Candi from Corrales, NE

 Sep 11, 2015


 quote These tiles are beautiful and arrived carefully packaged. Using tiles as border to compliment Saltillo tile on my entry way. Also found other talevara tiles to compliment this border and they will be used on a step down from entry way into living room. Thank you for shipping so quickly. Will definitely order from your company again. quote


~ Debbie Felgenhauer from Portland, TE

 Sep 01, 2015


 quote I love these tiles and the order was received promptly. quote


~ Bonnie G. from Stockton, CA

 Aug 28, 2015


 quote The tile came in this week. I opened each box to check for broken tiles and there appears to be none. Thanks so much for a good packing job and using a trucking company that respects its cargo. 

As far as I could tell at this point all tiles are blemish free and are the same quality as my sample tiles. Ordering from you has been a good experience and I've already recommended you to others. quote


~ Glenn F. from Saluda, NC

 Aug 27, 2015


 quote I put this in my newly remodeled kitchen as the backsplash, interspersed with solid color tile in the same brown. It is gorgeous. I sealed it before and afterwards. I used a terra-cotta colored grout. Fantastic! I have always found the best tiles here! There are even more choices at their location in San Diego. Wish they would allow photo uploads. LOVE my tiles! quote


~ Lauren Kelly-Hill from Fallbrook, CA

 Aug 23, 2015


 quote This is a beautiful sink! We can not wait to install it with our talavera tile counter. It shipped in a few days with free shipping. I would highly recommend it and hope it lasts and is easy to clean, etc. quote


~ Mindy from Ellensburg, WA

 Aug 23, 2015


  quote These tiles came in perfect condition. They arrived on time and are beautiful. We are putting them in a mosaic and could not be more pleased. quote


~ Patricia M. McBride from Medford, OR

 Aug 16, 2015


 quote The sink arrived in perfect condition and is more beautiful than the online photo could depict. The colors are vibrant and the painting exquisite. Really a piece of art. quote


~ Laura Luster from Oakland, CA

 Aug 10, 2015


 quote Nice tile exaxctly what expected delivery was fantastic. quote


~ G Ulrich

 Aug 09, 2015


 quote Love the tile. Will order more in the near future for another project. quote


~ Joe Bari from, St. James City, FL

 Aug 06, 2015


 quote This is a very vibrant tile that complemented our small project nicely. Customer service is great. We broke one and had to place an order for a single tile. It came well protected and arrived promptly. Many sites has a lower limit order number, but we ordered single tiles in several designs and each is well-made, richly saturated with color and sturdy. Thank you again for all the attention to detail. quote


~ JIWA from, Bremerton, WA

 Aug 03, 2015


 quote Great service. Tiles are great variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Will be fun to work with for the mosaics. quote


~ Theresa Petty from, Oro Valley, AZ

 Aug 01, 2015


 quote Service was excellent! Pieces were excellent variety of sizes and shapes and in many colors. Ordered several bags and expected near equal amounts of each color this way. That was not the case. Only two red and two light green pieces total. quote


~ Theresa Petty from, Oro Valley, AZ

 Aug 01, 2015


  quote My shipment of 190 6x6 tiles arrived on a pallet perfectly packed and intact. These are a gorgeous bottle green with depth and a bit of color variation within each tile, which will be very rich on the wall. Can't wait to see them in my garden/dog room! quote


~ Ellyn S. from, Malvern, PA

 Jul 25, 2015


  quote I purchased 7 of Arteaga 4 tiles to decorate the top of my potting table and I'm very pleased with how they look. Also, they were packaged well and arrived quickly. Great product and great service. What more can you ask for? quote


~ Maxine Buller from, Shreveport, LA

 Jul 23, 2015


 quote THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PROMPT SERVICE ON EARLIER DELIVERIES!  All the tile has arrived in perfect condition so far. quote


~ Janet S. from, Flagstaff, AZ

 Jul 22, 2015


 quote This is an amazingly beautiful sink! The customer service provided by Tierra y Fuego made getting it safely and efficiently a breeze! I have already recommended it to friends and family. quote


~ from WA

 Jul 21, 2015


  quote This tile looks great, came fast, and was packaged well (got 100 tiles, none broken). I picked these for their nice classic blue color and the fact they were available in a lesser-used size (3x3). quote


~ Jim from, Santa Fe, NM

 Jul 21, 2015


 quote Gorgeous! Candy for the eyes! I used Santa Barbara tiles for a back splash with the pattern arranged as the cross as opposed to the flower. The colors are stunning and make the room! quote


~ from, Acworth, GA

 Jul 16, 2015


quote I ordered 4 numbers for our address which is located on a wooden arbor in front of our home. The order I placed arrived within a few days, perfectly packed and ready to go. The 4 numbers linked together look gorgeous!quote


~ Loree K. from, Santa Barbara, CA

 Jul 14, 2015


 quote WE  L O V E your TILE!!!..quote


~ Barbara B. from, Hesperia, CA

 Jul 06, 2015


 quote My daughter ordered tile from you and it looks beautiful in her kitchenquote


~ Cinthia S. from, Wantagh, NY

 Jul 06, 2015


 quote I have ordered two sets of these beautiful tiles at 2 different times, and couldn't be happier with their beauty, and their packaging [no breakage at all either time], and the swift timeliness of their delivery. Truly a great experience. Will do again, I'm surequote


~ Tina Filbert  from, Fort Calhoun, NE

 Jul 06, 2015


This is a beautiful Talavera border tile which works great for framing. This tile together with other 4x4 designs could be used for artistic designs only achievable with this kindquote


~ Antonio J. Valdes from, Austin, TX

 Jun 28, 2015


 quote I love it, it came so quickly. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, I just had to have itquote


~ Sheryl S. from, San Diego, CA

 Jun 24, 2015


 quote Beautiful pieces. Great colorsquote


~ Susan from, Newman Lake

 Jun 24, 2015


 quote I recently purchased the Talavera Rectangular Drop-In Bathroom Sink online.  The sink arrived in just a few days, much quicker than I expected. The sink is very high quality and the colors are brilliant. It certainly exceeded my expectations in every wayquote


~ Larry M. from, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

 Jun 22, 2015


 quote We are very pleased with our order.  The customer service was great.  Our order was very well packed and arrived earlier than we expected.  The tile colors are very vibrant and just what we were looking for.  Thank youquote


~ Jon T. from, Panguitch, UT

 Jun 22, 2015


 quote Package arrived intact, no breakage, exactly what i ordered. I love your tiles the colors are so vibrant and the sizes are so uniform. I will be putting them into medallions for on the stucco wall of our new outdoor kitchen and for the front courtyard. Thank you so much for your concern and servicequote


~ Joan L. from, Phoenix, AZ

 Jun 20, 2015


 quote Wanted to thank you for my last order. I was very much impressed with the care and handling of the tiles. Your firm does great workquote


~ Terry F. from, Minneapolis, MN

 Jun 20, 2015


 quote I ordered four tiles. They arrived quickly, they were well packed, and each one was well made and beautiful. quote


~ Shery  from, Harrisonburg, VA

 Jun 18, 2015


 quote Nice bright clear colors, love the red and blue! quote


~ Debbie C. from, Charleston, WV

 May 18, 2015


 quote Just received the Peacock design sinks and have been so pleasantly surprised with the vibrant colors and pattern. Looks far better then your pictures. The way you tracked the shipment and kept me informed was most helpful. Thank you Tierra y Fuego! quote


~ Jimmy A. from, Collins, CO

 May 11, 2015


 quote They are great, and you produce a wonderful product.  I would recommend them to anyone. quote


~ Charles S. from, Andrews, TX

 May 11, 2015


  quote Tierra y Fuego, received everything today in great shape, thanks for the wonderful packing job. quote


~ John B. from, Dresden, ME

 May 08, 2015


 quote Received promptly. Look exactly as pictured. Thanks very much. Hope my project turns out as well as your product! quote


~ Karen from, Washington, DC

 May 07, 2015


 quote I purchased several solid color 2x2 tiles. The colors are beautiful. As with most Mexican tiles, the sizes vary a bit, however they are easily filed with some large grit sand paper. I had to file most of them to get the sharp edges off--messy but not a great inconvenience. I do wish the color would be even along the edges. The designs I created on the risers of my stairs are eye catching and unique. The tiles were well packed for mailing. My rating should actually be 4.5 stars. quote


~ Suzanne S. from, McDonough, GE

 May 06, 2015


 quote All went very well; delivery was a lot faster than I anticipated; all tile was undamaged; I will definitely buy again!! Great job guys. quote


~ Rick D. from, Garden Grove, CA

 May 04, 2015


 quote Very good quality sink. Just as advertised. The colors are darker in person than in the pictures so expect that. We were so happy with the sink that we purchased another one the next day. Very fast shipping from this company. I ordered it and they shipped it the same day. Customer service answered all my questions I would definitely buy from this company again. quote


~ Kendall W. from, Seattle, WA

 May 04, 2015


 quote I ordered the tile in the afternoon and even with standard shipping I received my order the next day. The tile was exactly as depicted on the website and all tiles were packed carefully to avoid breaking. quote


~ Steve D. from, Florence, OR

 Apr 26, 2015


 quote I ordered the tile in the afternoon and even with standard shipping I received my order the next day. The tile was exactly as depicted on the website and all tiles were packed carefully to avoid breaking. quote


~ Louise R. from, Santa Rosa Valley, CA

 Apr 24, 2015


  quote Good morning!  I recently purchased a sink from you and would like to say how much we LOVE it!!  Thank you so much for carrying such quality products and for ensuring it was packaged so well for shipping!! quote


~ Tracey M.

 Apr 24, 2015


  quote Our three wall planters arrived safely, on time within five days, and are very beautiful. Can't wait to get them hung and planted in our garden. Thanks. quote


~ Gordon B. from, Louisville, KY

 Apr 23, 2015


 quote We bought several different tiles. All of them were high quality and arrived quickly in perfect condition. Difficult, maybe impossible, to find tiles like these in Seattle. quote


~ Harold G. from, Seattle, WA

 Apr 21, 2015


 quote The tiles are beautiful! They were very well packed and not one broken tile! We plan on ordering more from this company. quote


~ Kathy D. from, Henderson, NE

 Apr 13, 2015


 quote Absolutely beautiful tiles! They came safely packaged and very quickly! Love them! quote


~ K. Nolan, from, San Jose, CA

 Apr 13, 2015


 quote We used 2x4 turquoise murcielago border tile in our kitchen. Color is spectacular and the tiles are very well made and uniform in size. quote


~ Kelly H.

 Apr 12, 2015


 quote Beautiful, bright colors, consistent sizing and glaze... We are delighted with the tile we purchased From Tierra y Fuego! quote


~ Johanna P. from, Montpelier, VT

 Apr 11, 2015


 quote We needed to match existing tiles in our master bathroom and these are a perfect match. The price is very reasonable and much less than we paid originally (from another company). We had the pleasure of visiting your showroom last year when we had to replace a sink that unfortunately cracked when a housekeeper vacuumed too hard under the sink and hit the pipe. We were almost glad when it happened and found your showroom. I wish we had a larger house so that we could take advantage of your beautiful tiles and excellent customer service. Thank you! quote


~ Mary H. from, San Clemente, CA

 Apr 06, 2015


 quote The design, colors, and quality of Bari Terra Nova tiles are as exceptional as they appear on their website. They are a beautiful addition to my kitchen. quote


~ Kate B. from, Ithaca, NY

 Mar 28, 2015


 quote Received my tile just as promised. The tile colors are awesome and will be a welcome addition to my bathroom renovation project. The only thing I will have to work with is the inconsistency in the tile edges because I am trying to fit some of these tiles into an existing design. I'll make it work though. Tierray fuego is the place to go for great colorful mexican tile! quote


~ Sandy H. from, Helena, MO

 Mar 13, 2015


 quote Colors are as pictured. I searched very hard for talavera with this shade of yellow, and these make a very nice larger pattern together. Very happy with the look! In addition, tile arrived very well packed--not a scratch! Thank you! quote


~ Roxanne M. from, Gainesville, FL

 Mar 06, 2015


 quote We used the tiles on our new BBQ and it's perfect. Service, quality and price.....fantastic! Thank-you. Our landscaper asked for your info, so you may hear from him. quote


~ Diane B. from, Eloy, AZ

 Mar 01, 2015


 quote This is the second time that we are purchasing tile from Tierra y Fuego. The tile is exactly what I expected, colorful and so wonderfully mexican. The tile arrived within three days and was packed securely. quote


~ Anonymous

 Mar 01, 2015


 quote The sink arrived quickly and was well-packed. It looks terrific in my front bathroom. I will use Tierra y Fuego in the future. quote


~ Terry from, Orange County, CA

 Feb 27, 2015


quote Beautiful knobs, very well packed, delivered as stated, and they transformed my old hand-built cupboards into a thing of beauty. I cannot overstate how good a company and product I experienced at Tierra y Fuego. quote


~ Marty from, Bee, NE

 Feb 09, 2015


 quote I received all orders in of both the 4x4 Jade green and the matching bullnose trim tiles very quickly and in excellent condition. the tile is gorgeous and looks incredible as a backsplash in my newly remodel kitchen. I would highly recommend your website and your tile! quote


~ J. Plait from, Ventura, CA

 Feb 06, 2015


 quote All arrived in good shape, promptly, and the colors are as expected. They should work well for my project. Very attractive tiles. Thank you. quote


~ Mary S. from, Omaha, NE

 Feb 06, 2015


 quote THANKS to you all.  The customer service from your company over the past three years has been stellar. quote


~ Suze M. from, Seabeck, WA

 Feb 06, 2015


 quote The color are perfect and the customer service was very helpful because we were concerned about matching tile colors. Shipping was also very quick. Thank you quote


~ Steve from, Coast, VI

 Jan 09, 2015


 quote The customer service was very helpful. We were concerned on the color matching between the tiles and they helped up. The matching between the blues on the different designs was perfect. Thank you quote


~ Steve from, Coast, VI

 Jan 09, 2015


quote The Blue Seville Tiles we received are beautiful!  We were so glad to have been able to find just the right tiles.  Your company is great!  Great products, Great Services! quote


~ Rosie C. from, Round Rock, TX

 Jan 07, 2015


 quote The products were exactly as advertised -- the size was critical for me -- and did the job exactly as I wanted. quote


~ Robert G. from, Glen Ellyn, IL

 Dic 29, 2014


 quote What a delight to see these tiles in person. They are absolutely perfect for the coffee table I am working on. The colors are very crisp and bright. Everything I have ordered from Tierra y Fuego is always packed and sent quickly. I often work on projects that I get excited about and want tiles NOW. TyF has the best selection and service for me! quote


~ Maria J. from, Roanoke, VA

 Dic 26, 2014


 quote Again I am so happy with my purchase!. It's almost impossible to find any 1x4 or 1x6 solid colored tiles. Although limited selections, Tierra y Fuego came through for me. I ordered the Nocturnal Sea blue tile and it looks beautiful on my outdoor bench project. I look forward to ordering morequote


~ Maria J. from, Roanoke, VA

Dic 06, 2014


 quote Everything was delivered in good condition and I was pleased with the purchasequote


~ Dick R. from, Dallas, TX

Nov 13, 2014

quote Every time I open a box I have received, I am amazed at the care in which each box has been packed.  I have never had a broken tilequote


~ S. Tindall-Boyer from, Gooding, ID

Nov 13, 2014


quote Perfect for my new kitchen. Not stark white but a mellow off white color. Consistent color and size in the tiles. Very helpful people on the phone. Fast, secure shipping - no breakage. quote

~ Gina Anderson from, Encinitas, CA

Oct 25, 2014


quote Beautiful tiles! Well packaged, no damage, perfect for my home address plaque.
                They are just what I wanted! Thank you. quote

~ Jayne S. from, Santa Clarita, CA

Oct 19, 2014


quote This company was great to deal with.  Tiles are beautiful; I got exactly what I ordered; and the order went out immediately                    and I received everything quickly and in tact.  Thank you very much. quote

~ Jim C. from, Tustin, CA

Oct 13, 2014


quote This product arrived on time in good condition and well packaged. The tile color matches my existing ones that are being                    replaced. I am very pleased with this vendor for their service. I highly recommend this vendor. quote

~ S Wijeyakumar from, Tustin, CA

Oct 07, 2014


quote These beautiful Mexican tiles in vibrant green and deep blue are just what I needed to complete a unique tile installation in   my bathroom.  Each tile varies slightly from the next -- just enough so you know that it's hand-made and not mass-            produced.  My bathroom counter looks great!!  Thanks. quote

~ John G. from, Chicago, IL

Sep 01, 2014


quote I love your tiles! I made the mistake to 'bargain shop' for some of the tiles I wanted for my project. Much to my disappointment, most of them were warped. They were all the wrong color, dark blue, not black. I just placed an order with you to replace all those tiles, and I will returning everything I ordered from that company. My project is delayed, plus it's costing more for lost time and shipping back. I will be using your company from here on out!! quote

~ Kendra L. from, Portland, OR

Aug 19, 2014


quote Hi Tierra y Fuego, 
The sink is very nice and your shipping speed is spectacular!  You got the sink here in record time and I thank you so much for your excellent service! quote

~ Anne W. from, Ben Lomond, CA

Aug 07, 2014


quote Beautifully made. Bright colors and the Tierra y Fuego did a phenomenal job in packing my house numbers in order to ensure that they would not break. quote

~ Susy from, Long Beach, CA

Aug 06, 2014


quote Love this sea green color. Will look great with my mexican tile table we are building. Prompt service and everything arrived without any problems. quote

~ Kristin C. from, Bellevue, WA

Aug 06, 2014


quote This is a beautiful sink. The color is very vivid and remarkable to see. The sizes is perfect. I bought two of these to go in a new bathroom and cant wait to see them installed. quote

~ Pam B. from, Elkton, MD

Aug 05, 2014


quote This is the second kitchen that I have chosen to use Talavera tiles for the backsplash, and I am as pleased with the tiles as I was the first time. I also ordered from Tierra y Fuego online...the order comes in quickly and well-packed!! I have yet to install my new tiles in our current house, but I'm sure I'll receive as many enthusiastic complements about the beautiful tiles as I did in my former kitchen! Each tile is unique and lively, not like the humdrum of the current trend of kitchen tile backsplashes that you find in magazines and stores...earthtone glass mosaics and beigey tile. They're nice, but I like the ooompth that the colorful Talavera tiles add. Fits MY personality! quote

~ Fen from, Cary, IL

Jul 31, 2014


quote Thank you !!!! for wonderful and quick service.  It's so exciting picturing my new bathroom. The tiles are beautiful. quote

~ Linda H. from, Juneau, AK

Jul 25, 2014


quote Beautiful pottery and handcrafted work. Quick shipping and great packaging. I will be back.....thank you!! quote

~ Clare from, MA

Jul 22, 2014


quote 2nd order. Good packing . Colors great. Very efficient online ordering and prompt shipping. quote

~ Charles H. from, Nashville, TN

Jul 06, 2014


quote I am a landscape designer and have been using Tierra Y Fuego's products for a number of years now. The product is consistently beautiful and the price point beats everyone else by a wide margin. The staff is always polite and helpful and the product is well packaged and arrives promptly. 5 stars all the way around. quote

~ Jean M. from, Corona, CA

Jun 30, 2014


quote These tiles have a much richer, deeper color than can be conveyed in an online photo. Very solid with a nice glaze on the surface of the tile. And the service from the folks at Terra y Fuego was outstanding! quote

~ Shannon from, Atlanta, GE

Jun 19, 2014


 quote Thank you for sending me the tiles in such a well protected box. I will definitely be buying more very soon!  Very friendly customer service too! :) quote

~ Lucy M. from, Miami, FL

Jun 16, 2014


quote A great big thank you from the folks here at Disneyland to the Tierra y Fuego team for getting this order completed and sent to us in such an amazingly fast manner. You are Awesome!!! quote

~ Diana R. from, Anaheim, CA

Jun 12, 2014


quote Although the quality of the tile appears to be good, the size is not the same. Suppose to be 4 1/4 and it is not. It's going to make putting tiles up a challenge. I ordered many different tiles and thought they would all be close to the same size, they all vary. Still love them! Have to order more, it's going to make a great backsplash in my remodeled kitchen. quote

~ Peggy E. from, Elliston, VA

Jun 11, 2014


quote Perfect!  Thank you.  Great packing - no breakage. The tile colors are just beautiful. quote

~ Jeanne L. from, Minneapolis, MN

Jun 10, 2014


quote Once again, you all have done a wonderful job! The tiles got here just when expected. Not even a tiny chip. I know that part of the charm of handmade tiles is the variation; but this OCD person was able to match the edges, if not perfectly, pretty darn close. Thanks, again. quote

~ Bettie T. from, Dallas, TX

Jun 06, 2014


quote Beautiful tiles great service however if you're getting these to match other patterned Talavera tiles be warned that these are 1/8 inch larger than other patterned Talavera tiles. I had to cut every one of them. quote

~ Amy from, Lowell, MA

Jun 06, 2014


quote I really enjoyed the look and quality of the tiles... I will definitely shop here again.... quote

~ Sandra F. from, Charlotte, NC

Jun 06, 2014


quote I needed just a small number of spanish tiles to round out a stairway display and scoured the internet to find complimentary tiles in my color and design scheme. Tierra Y Fuego had a gorgeous selection, the tiles arrived very quickly and packed so carefully, yet efficiently (in recyclable packaging no less) that I was stunned. The tiles were beautiful and look perfect for what I need. I'm definately using Tierra for my future tile buys! quote

~ M. Gonzalez from, Grand Blanc, MI

May 19, 2014


quote We have taken our guest bathroom to the studs and are making it into a traditional Mexican bathroom. The talavera white tiles combined with a sink and patterned tiles I previously purchased are coming together nicely. I love the look!! This company has excellent service. My tiles arrived in less than a week. They kept me informed along the way. quote

~ Susan B. from, Palm Springs, CA

May 10, 2014


quote Previous customer! love your stuff. quote

~ Jeff R. from, Pittsburgh, PA

April 28, 2014


quote Received order yesterday....Very well packed and great looking tile. Thanks for a great job. quote

~ John G. from, Middletown, NY

April 23, 2014


quote Working out our design and choosing the tile in your inspirational showroom was such an enjoyable experience for my son and I.  Thanks to everyone there for your kind and professional service.  I have attached 2 photos of our beautifully finished bathroom….thanks to my son’s careful and skillful installation. quote

~ Trudy V. from, San Diego, CA

April 23, 2014



~ Susana S. from, Winchester, CA

April 04, 2014


quote True colors, well packed and no breakage. Beautiful tile. quote

~ Emelie C. from, Cut Off, LA

April 04, 2014


quote Thank you for helping me through this order. Everyone I had contact with were so efficient, attentive and knowledgeable - good job!  Now my job begins…Oh yes. quote

~ Olivia C. from, Visalia, CA

April 03, 2014


quote This order process was flawless! The order was easy to place online. Even though one item was discontinued your Customer Service team (specifically Rita & Alma) handled it perfectly! The credit for the discontinued item was processed and emailed to me promptly by you’re A/R team (specifically Angelica)! The order was shipped and arrived exceptionally fast! Even a day early! Each set of tiles were well packaged and there were not any broken or chipped tiles!

I have never had such high praise for an order before! Please pass our companies compliments to all! quote

~ Laura  E. from, High Springs, FL

April 02, 2014


 quote Ordered samples last week and very pleased with quality of product and timely delivery. quote

~ Margaret D. from, Yum, MA

Mar 31, 2014


quote Exactly as pictured, these tiles arrived in good timing and packaged very carefully. Beautiful quality!. quote

~ Tara from, Middleboro, MA

Mar 30, 2014


 quote Tiles received.....!!!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful tiles and promptness....very much appreciated.....We will definitely be doing business with you again in the near future.......thanks again.....!!!!!! quote

~ Marsha M. from, Barrie, Canada

Mar 29, 2014


quote Was hesitant in ordering tiles online not sure of the quality and if they would come damaged. I received them in 2 days and they are wonderful. The packaging was fantastic. I used them on step risers alternating with a solid and liked them so much I ordered a different pattern for another set of steps... Quick service!!! THANK YOU!!!. quote

~ Anonymous from, Las Vegas, NV

Mar 27, 2014


quote Attached 4 house numbers plus 2 end pieces on my wood facia with Liquid Nails spacing the pieces about 1/8" apart. Caulked in between and around outside of tiles with white Alex caulk. Looks great. Goes well with our Spanish tile roof and house colors. Looking forward to visiting the store in person for more accent ideas. quote

~ C Remy. from, Orange, CA
Mar 17, 2014


quote This is the second time I have ordered from Tierrayfuego. I love the selection of tiles, the ease of ordering and great shipping provided. The first time I ordered I called in my order and was helped by a very knowledgeable rep who was very sweet. I love your tiles, they are beautiful. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you! quote

~ Jocelyn K. from, Monroe, WI
Mar 17, 2014


quote I found this company through an online search looking for Mexican tiles and was very happy with their offerings. I was even happier when they arrived in a timely fashion and were packed so well that not a single one of a couple of dozen tiles was broken. I am VERY happy with this company's products and performance! quote

~ Anonymous from, Watertown, NY
Mar 17, 2014


quote I found a tile set at a very reasonable price to put as a backsplash for a bathroom vanity. Ordering was easy, delivery was fast and the tiles were packaged carefully. There was one tile unavailable and I was contacted before the shipment was sent. They provided a replacement within the same theme. I love dealing with companies like this one. quote

~ Jeannie S. from, Stanfield, AZ
Mar 04, 2014


quote Tile is absolutely beautiful. Tile was packed very well, and I had no broken pieces. quote

~ Christine A. from, Monticello, FL
Mar 02, 2014


quote Incredibly beautiful stuff-- it is really dizzying! quote

~ Paula C. from, Skaneateles, NY
Feb 27, 2014




~ S. Tindall-Boyer, from, Gooding, ID

Nov 13, 2014


quote Arrived just as promised and my husband had it glued and caulked in 4 days around our fireplace opening. Looks beautiful! quote

~ Vonna B. from, Bellefonte, PA
Feb 24, 2014


quote The sinks are beautiful. Thank you for your help! quote

~ Mary M. from, Mesa, AZ
Feb 17, 2014


quote These tiles are beautiful. The company was so great to deal with, good packaging and prompt delivery. They even actually called me on the phone with a question about my order. Love this company and their products. quote

~ Anonymous. from, Santa Rosa, CA
Feb 14, 2014


quote I just ordered from Tierrayfuego and am very impressed with the customer service and how well everyone worked together. I am looking forward to receiving my tiles, thank you for helping us with our purchase. quote

~ Colleen S. from, Queensbury, NY
Feb 11, 2014


quote This vessel sink replaced older Talavera set-in sink and what a difference! Colors and design are beautiful! Wonderful update and still have traditional Talavera. Customer service counts! Delivered quickly and shipped packed securely. Used new waterfall style faucet to complete the look. Wow! No one had the selection and availability of Tierra y Fuego. I highly recommend! 5 stars for product and service. quote

~ Virginia S. from, Paradise Valley, AR
Feb 11, 2014


quote We ordered knobs for all of our kitchen cabinets and drawers. They are beautiful and have transformed our cabinets! Shipping was quick and packing was superb. I love the variation between pieces. Truly unique. We will definitely be ordering again when we need more Mexican tile and knobs. quote

~ Elizabeth S. from, Clarkston, GA
Feb 11, 2014


quote I love this tile. The colors are so vibrant and it looks just like the picture. Fast shipping and arrived in perfect condition. quote

~ Dina W. from, Woodlands, TX
Feb 06, 2014


quote All of the tiles ordered from Tierra y Fuego arrived - cross country - meticulously packaged with no damage whatsoever. My only complaint is that the "bird tile" is a good bit thicker than all the others which will make it a little difficult to use on the lazy susan I am tiling. quote

~ VMB. from, Milledgeville, GA
Feb 06, 2014


quote Dear Tierra y Fuego,I received my order tonight and everything is in perfect condition.  Love the tile!  Thank you again. quote

~ Ann L. from, Santa Fe, NM
Feb 04, 2014


 quote Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the tile I ordered from your company!I think I'll order more! Great products! quote

~ Janice
Feb 01, 2014


quote I ordered a variety of tiles to use for decorative projects on my patio. Every one of them was a nice surprise, much more vibrant and well glazed than other tiles I have purchased in gift and pottery stores. quote

~ Anne L. from, Celebration, FL
Jan 23, 2014


 quote Your tile is beautiful!!! We cannot wait to see it and install it in our home! quote

~ Jeana W. from, Granite City, IL
Jan 17, 2014


 quote Beautiful tile,thanks! quote

~ Julie F. from, Moab, UT
Jan 17, 2014


quote Ordered several different tiles...all are beautiful. Shipping is lightening fast and packing is expertly done. Very pleased with all my tiles. Thanks! quote

~ Delia D. from, Harter, FL
Jan 17, 2014


quote I ordered several of the Dia de los Muertos tiles for my kitchen remodel. The tiles look even nicer "in the flesh", and I can hardly wait to install them. Tierra y Fuego's service was first rate: prompt shipping, and the order was very well packed-- these people are packing pros!-- and everything arrived intact. quote

~ Mike S. from, Lavaca County, TE
Jan 13, 2014


quote Very happy with the product and delivery. Exactly what I was looking for. quote

~ Robert L. from, Waukesha, WI
Jan 12, 2014


quote Just to let you know that my order has arrived - all beautifully packed, in one piece! Thank you so much for your wonderful service - to be highly recommended!! quote

~ Anja P.
Jan 13, 2014


quote Recieved my ceramic chili peppers today...they arrived...safe and sound!!! And...they are gorgeous!!! Thanks soooo much!!! They are the finishing touch to my new lil kitchen redo!!!! quote

~ Dee Ann B. from, Pauls Valley, OK
Jan 9, 2014


quote The tile once ordered was shipped promptly with exceptional packaging. Tile showed up intact. Very impressed with service, now as for durability of the product well, time will tell. quote

~ Bill from, Ventura, CA
Dic 26, 2013


quote My sink came within 2 weeks of ordering it, by UPS regular service. I was nervous about how it would arrive...being that it was coming a long way! But it came packed so well that I believe nothing would have damaged it. I am exceptionally thankful for the recyclable packing material that it was stuffed with ( none of those styrofoam peanuts that muck up the environment). So I am very pleased with the service and the product, and would definitely recommend Tierra y Fuego to anyone. quote

~ Carol D. from, Dorval QC, Canada
Dic 18, 2013


quote They arrived yesterday. I already put them up and they're just perfect. Thank you for the excellent product and excellent customer service. quote

~ Linda W. from, Chicago Heights, IL
Dic 13, 2013


quote Oh my goodness. The tile actually got delivered less than 24 hours from when I placed the order. That is amazing. Thank you so much. quote

~ Annalynda H. from, Moreno Valley, CA
Dic 12, 2013


quote Thanks for great customer service! quote

~ Mike N. from, Willow Park, TX
Dic 10, 2013


quote Luv luv luv my Talavera sink I purchased from you!!! Now adding tile to finish the look off. quote

~ Colleen H. from, Mission Viejo, CA
Dic 01, 2013


quote Super fast shipping ....No damaged tiles,excellant quality and very well packed . Highly recommended. quote

~ Caroline G. from, Riverside, CA
Nov 23, 2013


quote Excellent service, fast shipping and just the tile I wanted! Thanks to Tierra y Fuego for everything! quote

~ Joan D. from, Taos, NM
Nov 22, 2013


quote Yes,, very, very, happy with purchase.We will order from you again when we renovate our next bathroom.The customer service was excellent a 10 out of 10. Thank you to all involved. quote

~ Sheila S. from, Mississauga, ON
Nov 22, 2013


quote I loved tha compadres tiles they are unique and beautiful I recommend buying from Tierra y fuego, they are prompt and the tiles got delivered right away Besides them being a work of art they come very well packed I am very satisfied with my online purchase. quote

~ Alma F. from, San Diego, CA
Nov 21, 2013


  quote Just a note to let you know that we received the shipment yesterday.  We are very pleased with the product.  They are beautiful! quote

~ Paula H. from, Roswell, GA
Nov 20, 2013


quote I love the tiles and such fast shipping. We will probably be ordering some more as we have decided to put them in another area. quote

~ Knitoneslipone. from, Philadelphia, PA
Nov 14, 2013


quote Thank you so much!  It was truly worth the wait. The tiles arrived in perfect shape and are beautiful!! quote

~ Ana L. from, Kuttawa, KY
Nov 13, 2013


quote I was very pleased with all the tiles I ordered. They arrived in a timely manner, looked exactly as promised and were very carefully packed indeed. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Indeed, were shipping costs across the country not so high, I’d order tiles more regularly from you! quote

~ Shankar R. from, Cambridge, MA
Nov 11, 2013


quote Just to let you know that my order has arrived, all the tiles were very neatly packed, and all arrived in one piece!! 
       Thank you so very much.  Am thrilled with them. quote

~ Anja P. from, Colesberg, NA, ZA
Nov 08, 2013


quote Good packaging, and all tiles made it intact. Beautiful blue tiles. quote

~ Linda M. from, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 08, 2013


quote Great fast delivery and just like the photo. quote

~ Dave M. from, Edmonton, CA
Nov 02, 2013


quote I have ordered several Talavera sinks from 3 different sources and "Three is a charm." Tierrayfeugo has the best product -- consistent paint, shape and coloring not to mention they called me about a back order followed up with emails and the sink arrived in great shape within half the time predicted. All with an unbelievably reasonable price! quote

~ Anonymous from, MI
Oct 22, 2013


quote I was very satisfied with the tiles and how they were packaged and shipped.  I was so excited to receive them so quickly.  Thank you, and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more tiles from your company if necessary. quote

~ Adeline A. from Gilbert, AZ
Oct 15, 2013


quote My tiles arrived safely and they are just what I needed to complete my project. They look great! Thank you so much for your prompt assistance. quote

~ Judy B. from Greeley, CO
Oct 15, 2013


quote I ordered your tiles previously and they are beautiful and the shipping was good. None broke. quote

~ Michelle S. from Portland, OR
Oct 15, 2013


 quote We inlaid these tiles onto our Wood Fired Hand built pizza oven, we grouped the tiles in fours & spaced around the base of the oven. On the back of the oven exterior wall we formed a mural. We also inlaid the tiles onto the exterior wall of our outdoor kitchen and formed a mural there, as well. The colors are true to the photos. We had a hand made and hand painted terracotta Trinacria (Sicilian symbol) we inlaid over the opening of the pizza oven and the colors matched perfectly with our Capri Talavera tiles. The quality is everything you would expect from handmade tiles. quote

~ Mary G. from Chelsea, AI
Oct 13, 2013


quote Tiles received. Great price, great service. Thank you.. quote

~ John P. from Tucson, AZ
Oct 08, 2013


quote Tierra and Fuego were a great company to deal with - answered our questions and sent the tile right away. We love the tile and can't wait to have it on our kitchen backsplash. quote

~ Margaret W. from Denville, NE
Oct 07, 2013


quote My tile is beautiful. I really enjoyed the fast, accurate service and shipping. I would recommend this company to everyone. Thanks for such a great job! quote

~ Jani D. from Porter, TE
Oct 01, 2013


quote I called your business twice with questions and they were very helpful and friendly. THANKS quote

~ Gina P. from Las Vegas, NV
Sep 30, 2013


quote Tile shipped quickly. Wrapped and packaged extremely well. No breakage. quote

~ Bruce C. from Stockton, TX
Sep 17, 2013


quote I received the tiles and they are very beautiful. Thank you! quote

~ Kathy G. from San Diego, CA
Sep 16, 2013


quote The Talavera tile beat our expectation and were delivered to us within a week. Thanks for the great product and service. quote

~ Jon A. from Caldwell, ID
Sep 11, 2013


quote The sink and tiles I ordered previously from you are just beautiful.  Unfortunately, I screwed up cutting a few quarter-rounds so I need to reorder to finish my project.  Thanks for your attention to my order! quote

~ Robert B. from Maynard, MA
Sep 9, 2013


quote I ordered all the floor and wall tile from Tierra y Fuego for our bathroom remodel. The tile quality is excellent. The shipping worked perfectly. Any questions I had about their products were answered in a professional manner. I highly recommend doing business with this company. quote

~ Rick from Albuquerque, NM
Sep 9, 2013


quote Love the sink! The company was very responsive and we received the sink without damage. quote

~ Anonymous
Sep 5, 2013


quote I have ordered several times for bathroom and kitchen sinks and tiles for a new home. The product is beautiful, the web site is friendly and thouough, the service when called on the phone is OUTSTANDING! quote

~ S. Collins from Tucson, AZ
Sep 2, 2013


quote Just wanted to let you know how much I love my tile.  You guys did an excellent job of packing the order, not one tile was broken!  I experienced great Customer Service from the day I placed the order receiving a call to let me know one of the tiles I ordered was out of stock and asking if I wanted to choose something else.  My order arrived within a week of placing it and the quality of your tiles is excellent, especially for Talavera which is known for slightly flawed/misshapen pieces sometimes.  I highly recommend your website, it's easy to navigate and everything was true in color and quality.  Love you guys, thanks so much!! quote

~ Deborah from Lakeland, FL
Aug 31, 2013


quote Hello - I rec'd the order  yesterday afternoon and love everything!  Thank you! quote

~ Nancy C. from Patagonia, AZ
Aug 28, 2013


quote The project turned out great. I tiled a small table for my living room. I can send a picture. I know that these are small projects for your tiles, but they are so beautiful and well made that I get complements on the piece from everyone who comes to my house.  I will definitely be using them again on other projects. Also the service is great. quote

~ Judy V. from Moorestown, NJ
Aug 26, 2013


quote This was as beautiful as I had hoped; packaging was excellent (even when tossed onto the floor at my place by someone unaware of what was in it!); and it is lighter weight than I had thought, so quite manageable (I had to get it home from where it had been delievred, but it was fine to carry in the box). Delighted with it! quote

~ Andy B. from Philadelphia, PA
Aug 26, 2013


quote Thank you very much for my tiles which arrived today very well packed and in one piece ...they are exactly what I wanted and I am very happy :-)

Have a great day  :-) quote

~ Michael G. from Ramsgate Kent, UK
Aug 25, 2013


quote I ordered my tiles to be installed in an outdoor garden box. They arrived extremely well packed and all in one piece. The colors are vibrant and true to the on line pictures. I will be back for my next project for sure. quote

~ Gina B. from Mesa, AZ
Aug 23, 2013


quote Thank you! Love your tiles! quote

~ Lauren K. from Fallbrook, CA
Aug 21, 2013


quote I am very pleased with my choice in company and product! Delivery was quick and packaged very securely with absolutely no chips or breackage. Quality of product very pleasing so much so that I will again shop your  site.  Thank you! quote

~ Lori V. from Uvalde, TX
Aug 20, 2013


quote Hi,I received the package of tiles I ordered from you and I am amazed at how nice they are!  You are a seller I will recommend to everyone!

Thank you for such honesty!! quote

~ Darnell P. from Rockledge, FL
Aug 10, 2013


quote I love the way you have setup your website.  It was so much easier to find what I needed compared to other company websites!  Great job! quote

~ Virginia V. from Cortaro, AZ
Aug 7, 2013


quote I got the pots today.  I have guys here from Mexico working on rock walls.  We opened up all the news papers that were used for stuffing.  They love soccer so I put them in a bag so they could take all of them home to friends.  It was more fun than getting the pots!  Thank you for everything. quote

~ TJ Palmer from Cumming, GA 
Jul 30, 2013


quote My purchase went great. The tiles arrived sooner than expected. quote

~ Vicki M. from Hemet, CA 
Jul 21, 2013



~ Laura O. from Fort Walton Beach, FL 
Jul 21, 2013


quote Beautiful piece and comfortably accommodates the soap bar. Shipping was quick and product well protected. Thanks. quote

~ Jill T. from Hines, OR
Jul 17, 2013


quote The replacement tile arrived today and is great. There wasn't a broken tile in the original order - there was one missing, which was replaced. All of the order was wonderful. Thank you for your attention customer satistaction. quote

~ Joann F. from Delray Beach, FL
Jul 17, 2013


quote We received or order and it looked fantastic. A few years ago, we did out kitchen in Pound Ridge, New York with some of your tiles and it turned out fantastic. In fact, it was responsible for our successful home sale when we left and moved to Point Roberts, WA. We were using this latest order to cover a table in our den. When we received your tiles and laid them out on the table, it unfortunately looked like a kitchen, not a den. So we called your 800 number and got permission to return them with a 10% restocking charge. Thank you very much. We have boxed the tile up and will ship them in the next few days. quote

~ Dave A. from Point Roberts, WA
Jul 17, 2013


quote I received everything listed and everything was fine. Thank you! quote

~ Mickey F. from Willits, CA
Jul 17, 2013


quote I previously bought tiles to make a lighted post for my son's house, and it looked so nice that I decided to use these tiles on my own mailbox post. This is my third order from Tierra y Fuego, their tiles are lovely. quote

~ Kathy O. from Warwick, NY
Jul 15, 2013


quote Excellent product, excellent service, excellent price. 2nd purchase. Love the tile! quote

~ Regina O. from Palm Coast, FL
Jul 14, 2013


quote I love the tile. It is just making my kitchen beautiful. quote

~ Valerie H. from Provo, UT
Jul 11, 2013


quote Installed the 4x4s as riser/face tiles on a small staircase that needed something interesting. Colors were consistent, deep and rich, subdued and elegant. quote

~ Stephen S. from Livingston, MT
Jul 09, 2013


quote We are going to use the 2" ixtapa tiles on our shower floor and think it will be gorgeous. Since the walls are solid blue tiles this should enhance the shower! The tiles come so perfectly wrapped that nothing is chipped or broken- remarkable! quote

~ Linda from Atascadero, CA
Jul 07, 2013


quote We love each and every plate. They are beautiful & hanging on the wall in our breakfast nook. We also recommend Tierra y Fuego to everyone. quote

~ Art Muse from Crozet, VA
Jun 30, 2013


quote All of the tile was packed perfectly – nothing broken, totally organized and shipped on time. I would order from you again. quote

~ Christine S. from Los Angeles, CA
Jun 30, 2013


quote It all was so beautiful, no breakage. quote

~ Sandra F. from Galesburg, IL
Jun 28, 2013


quote My order arrived within a couple of days after I placed the order. It was a big help to me because we ran short
of these pavers. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for Mexican Pavers. quote

~ Russell R. from Valencia, CA
Jun 25, 2013


quote We recently received our order of tile from your company. We are so very happy with our Mexican Tiles! We will be placing a follow up order very soon. Thank you for your very fine product and service. quote

~ Mary K. from Doral, FL
Jun 22, 2013


quote Finally received order on tiles in Mumbai India via dubai .. Thank you all came intact except for 6 tiles in the entire order ... Which was excellent and they look great. quote

~ Liane L. from Dubai
Jun 22, 2013


quote All of the tiles are beautiful! This was a "sample" order; I am planning to order more for our kitchen backsplash when we are ready for that project, probably in a few months. quote

~ Katy B. from Deer Harbor, WA
Jun 20, 2013


quote Arrived today. The tile is beautiful and thank you especially for the excellent packing job. quote

~ Catharine B. from Alpine, TX
Jun 17, 2013


quote I would be happy to recommend Tierra y Fuego. The tile is exactly as advertised. The order accuracy was perfect. They must have picked and shipped it the same day I ordered because it arrived exactly 7 days after I ordered. The packing was exceptional, not a single cracked or broken tile. quote

~ Nathan M. from Easley, SC
Jun 17, 2013


quote Really beautiful tiles. Very good packing. Fast delivery. Very happy :) quote

~ Anonymous
Jun 11, 2013


quote Just loved all my items, and tiles......all were received ok. You protect items and well packaged. Will order in the future. quote

~ Maria R. from Stratford, CT
Apr 22, 2013


quote Hello! Our tiles arrived quickly and the trucking company was very helpful in the delivery. Everything looks great!! Thank you so much. You have great tiles. We love them already! quote

~ Rosemary J. from Snowmass, CO
Feb 15, 2013


quote I received a few days your shipping, I am very happy regarding the result: the tiles are very nice and the packing was "perfect" no dammage at all!!! Thanks again for your work Have a good day Kind regards from Paris. quote

~ N. Couget from Longjumeau Essonne, FR
Feb 14, 2013


quote We love the tiles. Each one is even more beautiful than the images on your website, even though the photos do the tiles justice-so we really felt comfortable with what we were buying. Price is right, and customer service is great. Thank you. quote

~ C. Eldred from Gardiner, MT
Nov 13, 2012


quote These tiles are exactly as they look in the picture. I used them for a border in my bathroom, alternating with the red flower and they look very nice. This company is a pleasure to deal with, as their orders are shipped in a timely manner. I have ordered several times and have had no problems. It's always a bit scary to order from an online company, but this one has been very good to me. quote

~ Christie W. from Reno, NV
Oct 24, 2012

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