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Libro Talavera Mexican Tile

Talavera Special

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Buy a box of 90 4¼ x 4¼ tiles and save 10%
All pricing is per tile.
Buy a box of 90 4¼ x 4¼ tiles and save 10%
All pricing is per tile.
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You may order samples online. Sample must be purchased and shipping charges apply. Please keep in mind sample tiles may vary in color from future orders due to the handmade process.

Talavera tiles are NOT Frost Resistant, they should not be used on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.

Mexico is world reknown for its skillful artisans in a wide variety of fields. Mexican writer Alberto Ruy Sanchez Lacy called Mexican tile a "chosen skin". Tiles have embellished numerous public and private spaces thoughout Mexico. A glimpse anywhere in Mexico, particularly in the central states, shows the widespread use of talavera tiles decorating a broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes to churches. It is through traditional artifacts, such as handcrafted tiles, that one can perceive an artisan’s sensibility, and creativity. Handcrafted ceramic tile is a rooted cultural heritage in Mexico, since its practice of making it began in the late sixteen century, around 1570 and 1573. Mexican ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in Mexican architecture.

Mexican tile is functional, beautiful, and practical, it provides a long lasting wall or surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install Mexican tiles in virtually any area you want to enjoy their warm and beauty.

The tiles are made from clay dug out of the ground and fired to a temperature at which the clay undergoes chemical changes and becomes permanently hard. Then the tile is glazed and decorated by hand, and fired once again to give it its final and lively finish. Its physical characteristics make Mexican tiles particularly attractive and distinctive. Mexican tiles are concave (not perfectly flat). They are characterized as unique, irregular, functional, and expressive.

Libro Talavera Mexican Tile

Specifications Description

Recommended Use


• All interiors of residential and commercial wall applications.

• Light-use residential flooring as accents or as a border to define an area.

• Tiles are not frost resistant. Outdoor use in areas where freezing temperatures are not common.

• Wet areas such as showers, pools or fountains.

• Tiles and grout must be sealed with a penetrating sealer that will form an invisible barrier resistant to moisture and stains.

Recommended Rooms


• Outdoor use is subject to climate conditions and method of installation.

• Not recommended on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.


Texture: Smooth
Finish: Gloss
Body: Red Bisque
Thickness: 1/4 in.
Variation: V3 - Moderate Variation
Grout: Sanded grout if joint is greater than 1/4 in. or
Non-sanded grout if joint is less than 1/4 in.
Sealer: Use penetrating sealer


• For a comparison of variation and crazing degrees refer to Variation and Crazing Details

Tiles per Square foot

4¼ x 4¼ 8 tiles


Industry standard recommends adding on 5-10% additional tile to account for waste, special cuts, or other unforeseen problems. It is recommended to revise measurements and tile quantities with an expert installer.

Care and Considerations• Clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.

• Some glazes such as matte colors are acid sensitive. Do not use cleaners with an acid base since these may cause discoloration.

Installation• For Installation Recommendations refer to our Installation Guide

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4.86 out of 5 (7 reviews)


Beautiful Tiles

I was really pleased with the overall purchase and shipment of my tiles. They came securely packaged and the image is exactly what I received. The colours are very bright and are beautifully painted. Definitely would order from here again!



Awesome Item!

Very satisfied with my experience from Tierra Y Fuego. Quick service and very nice product!




The service was great, which included a phone call to say there were not enough 2x2 Tierra Floor tiles in blue to fill the order, along with a prompt shipment of the Libro Talavera Mexican tiles. I was told that a credit for the items not shipped would follow shortly. I could not be happier with the Libro tiles and look forward to a credit for the 2x2 blue tiles. Thank you for great service.




Incredibly beautiful stuff-- it is really dizzying!



Dee H

Ordered several different tiles...all are beautiful. Shipping is lightening fast and packing is expertly done. Very pleased with all my tiles. Thanks




We are thrilled with the tiles and can’t wait to see them installed in our kitchen. They are even more beautiful than what appears on the computer screen. We ordered about 100 4 X 4 tiles, and they were so expertly packed that not a single one arrived broken. I ordered the tiles on a Wednesday, requesting UPS Ground delivery, and they arrived at our home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the following Wednesday. No one could have a problem with such prompt service. Thank you!




Tiles are great. Got them fast. Website was easy to use.

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