Miracle 511 Impregnator

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Miracle 511 Impregnator is a unique sealer designed for the protection of all grout, ceramic & quarry tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete brick and masonry surfaces. 511 impregnator forms a barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing complete vapor transmission. 511 Impregnator can be used on both interior and exterior applications. Independent laboratory tests show 511 Impregnator out performs competitive products. Can be applied to freshly poured concrete to retard the evaporation of water .

  • Resists Water & Oil Based Stains
  • Antibacterial Ingredient
  • USDA Approved
  • Grout Release
  • 20-Year Warranty

SAMPLE TESTING: Due to the differences of each substrate, several inscompicuous test patches should be completed to assure maximum performance. Due to the differences of each substrate, some shading may occur.

COVERAGE: Coverage will vary depending on density, porosity, texture, weather, time solution is left on surface and application methods.

511 Impregnator will cover approximately 1,000 - 4,000 sq. ft per Gallon



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