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Santa Barbara tiles evoke the California landscape, with a combination of vivid and subtle colors offset by neutrals and matte finishes. It is this combination of mattes and gloss finishes in a vast array of colors that tiles becomes rich, vibrantly alive, and harmonious.

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The Terra Nova tiles as its name implies “New Earth” is a new and improved line of handcrafted tile available exclusively at Tierra y Fuego. It all began with changing and improving the basic composition of the clay, glaze, and firing.

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Handmade and high fired; The Siena Collection offers a variety of choices. Its rustic finish and moderate color variation boasts an authentic Old World character.

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Our exclusive Nouveau collection showcases exuberant colors and patterns with transparent glazes reminiscent of handmade tiles.

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The Andaluz Ceramic Tiles include tiles from several of our collections. We created this category to defiine all our tiles that have a shape or format different that our standard square and rectangular tiles.

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Play with form, textures, and patterns with tiles from our Terra Nova and Santa Barbara ceramic tiles collections.  They are presented in a broad selection of sizes and shapes conveniently attached to a mesh for ease of installation. 

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The deep warm tones of our Terra Crackle tiles deliver a modern rustic look.



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Subway Ceramic Tiles include tiles from several of our high fired ceramic collections. These can be used in a wider range of installations, compared to Talavera tile, fulfilling technical needs for applications of greater stress, and at the same time satisfying the taste and aesthetic requirements of our customers.

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