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Valencia - Ceramic House Number

Santa Barbara House Number

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Each number measures: 3.25 x 5.875 in.

Santa Barbara tiles are NOT frost resistant, they should not be used on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.

Be aware that all of our house numbers are handcrafted. Each number will have its own unique characteristics - no two numbers are identical. Thus there will be color, size, and design variations compared to the photo shown..

Our Mexican Ceramic House Numbers tile is unique and handcrafted. The hand made nature gives it a warm and rustic finish. The tiles are made from clay dug out of the ground and fired to a temperature at which the clay undergoes chemical changes and becomes permanently hard. Then the tile is glazed and decorated by hand, and fired once again to give it its final and lively finish. Its physical characteristics make Mexican tiles particularly attractive and distinctive.

Please Note: We currently don’t have any house number frames. The house number tiles do not have hanging holes. They will have to be attached directly onto the desired surface. You can also hang the house numbers using a frame (metal/wood). Most customers that prefer a frame will have one made for them.

If you will be attaching the house number tiles directly onto the wall there are several products you can use. You can use regular tile Thin-set is an adhesive mortar made of cement, fine sand and a water retaining agent or Liquid nails is a heavy duty construction adhesive. Some adhesive products may be affected by the weather. Please read instructions carefully before installing.

Valencia - Ceramic House Number

Specifications Description

Recommended Use


All interiors of residential and commercial wall applications.

Outdoor use in areas where freezing temperatures are not common. Tiles are not frost proof.

Moist areas where tiles are not submerged in water.

Tiles and grout must be sealed with a penetrating sealer that will form an invisible barrier resistant to moisture and stains.

Recommended Rooms


Outdoor use is subject to climate conditions and method of installation.

Not recommended on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures.

Size: 3¼ x 5¾ in.
Texture: Low Relief
Finish: Gloss, matte or matte-gloss
Body: White Bisque
Thickness: 1/4 in.
Variation: V2 - Slight Variation
Grout: Sanded grout if joint is greater than 1/4 in. or
Non-sanded grout if joint is less than 1/4 in.
Sealer: Use penetrating sealer

For a comparison of variation and crazing degrees refer to Variation and Crazing Details

Care and Considerations• Clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.

• Some glazes such as matte colors are acid sensitive. Do not use cleaners with an acid base since these may cause discoloration.

Installation For Installation Recommendations refer to our Installation Guide



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Valencia House Numbers

Attached 4 house numbers plus 2 end pieces on my wood facia with Liquid Nails spacing the pieces about 1/8" apart. Caulked in between and around outside of tiles with white Alex caulk. Looks great. Goes well with our Spanish tile roof and house colors. Looking forward to visiting the store in person for more accent ideas.




After searching the web , Tuerra y Fuego had the best products by far. The shopping experience was easy, the goods arrived in a timely manner and without damage, the price was reasonable and we love our hand painted house number tiles! I would buy again without hesitation.

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