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April 7, 2006
Episode 601-604

Kitchen Renovations
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Kitchen renovation with ceramic tile at diy network

quote Heather Jansz is from Sri Lanka. She moved here in 1974 and her tasty ethnic creations quickly made her a star of the local restaurant scene as she co-owned three restaurants. She specializes in homemade chutney and is famous for her salsa.

... We are going to change all that though with an amazing Kitchen Renovation! We bring in the professionals to install a solid surface countertop, then work on making organization a little easier for Heather by building a recycling center and new shelving inside a pantry closet. Two solid surface ledges are added to give her more space for presentation and then Paul and Heather begin setting the backsplash - Mexican-style tile with a diamond-patterned inset. quote



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Visit to view a tutorial on installing a tile backsplash.

Installing a tile backsplash

Tiles from our Santa Barbara tile collection were used to create a colorful focal point with ceramic tile backsplash.

Featured Items:

Hand Painted Santa Barbara ceramic tile - Salamanca
Jazmin 2 Santa Barbara
Ceramic Tile

$ 3.95

Hand Painted Mexican Tile Talavera - Royal
Jade Gloss Santa Barbara
Ceramic Tile

$ 1.55

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